How to make a rocker with your own hands

How to make a rocker with your own hands? This issue is of interest to many owners of the suburban area. The concept of such an element of landscape design, as a rocker, is its name. In translation from English rock - rock, and rockery in landscape

How to sew roman curtains with your own hands

Today, many use curtains instead of blinds in the interior. That's why how to sew Roman curtains with your own hands, becomes a particularly urgent issue. It is worth noting that this is a very simple process, understandable even for a beginner in

Sweet design by february 14 - 5 ideas + 35 photo examples

Feast Valentine's Day is created specifically to confess your feelings to a loved one, to open in secret love. On this day, everyone is eager to say thank you to their second half for a strong relationship. Many thanks can be said this day to your

Table in loft style: features, fashionable variations and

Loft style came to us relatively recently, but this did not stop him instantly falling in love with a lot of hearts. Massive parts, wood and steel; unconventional solutions that give old things a new life - is not it cute? Today, let's talk about how

New year garlands for festive decoration - 65 decor ideas

In anticipation of the New Year is the whole of December, and very soon in the air will be the smell of Christmas trees and mandarins. And so as not to waste time, you can slowly begin to choose gifts for relatives and close people, as well as

Niche under the tv of plasterboard - a simple instruction

Recently it became topical to hide equipment, in particular television, in the wall area, especially if there are already shelves or niches in the interior of the room. In this article we will consider the most common options for hiding home

How to paint a parquet is a simple instruction for

As everyone knows, over the years, everything wears out, the wallpaper is losing its color, the furniture upholstery is deformed, the parquet is cluttered and rubbed. If all this happened in your home, then it's time to repair. The owners of parquet

New year's toys with their hands for 2018 - 46 photos of

Very soon, the chimes will break through, which means it's time to make New Year toys with our own hands for 2018. Of course, you can buy decorations for a Christmas tree in a store, but it will never be as interesting as making New Year's toys

Decor of mugs with polymer clay - master class with

This kind of material for manual labor, like polymer clay, has been used relatively recently. And even in the recent past, even those who were fond of this kind of needlework, it was not so easy to find it. I had to look for or travel to the capital,

Decoration of self-heating battery +50 photo

It is difficult to find a more boring object in the house than heating batteries. It is absolutely unimportant, in what style the interior of a premise is maintained, if the form is spoiled by the absurd designs placed in each room of a dwelling.
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