Crafts for the new year 2018 - 40 photos

We are already approaching the long-awaited New Year holidays. It's time to start decorating the solemn interior - to make crafts for the New Year 2018 with your own hands. This is an interesting creative process, which is sure to connect the

Mirror panel on the wall - 55 photos of ideas in the

Pan is considered to be a flat surface on which a frame with a pattern or ornament is placed. In architecture, panels are made of different materials: wooden, plastic. In today's modern world, mirror exposures have become quite popular.

Design of a one-room apartment 35 square meters. m. - 110

The arrangement of a one-room apartment of 35 sq. M is a rather problematic process. At such a small area, you need to fit everything you need for a comfortable stay. We undertake the task of helping you in decorating a one-room apartment of 35 sq m.

Cement and silicone facade plaster

Facade plaster is not just a covering of walls for ceramic tile or decorative plaster. It must reliably protect the house from adverse external influences. There are materials that not only fully meet all the requirements, but also have a number of

Methods of painting decorative stone by own hands

Often there is a desire to make some changes in the interior design. Painting a decorative stone from gypsum, concrete or cement allows you to obtain an excellent finish, beautiful and practical at the same time. The work itself, associated with

Decorating bottles with your own skin

Decorating bottles with leather is the original way to give old, unnecessary things a second life. The finished product can be presented as a presentation, which will be very handy with the excitement of gifts in the style of handmade. It is wrapped

Decorating furniture with your hands + 40 photo ideas

In most homes there are headsets that are out of fashion or have lost their presentability from prolonged use. If the budget allows you can buy new designer furniture and throw out the old sofa. However, if you want to save money, you can

Ideas of decor of cones

Decor of cones will be an ornament of the interior of the room and the exterior of the house. From this simple and accessible material, funny animals, miniature trees, original bouquets, decorative wreaths for holidays and whole wall panels are made.

Beautiful hand-made article - original ideas on 60 photos

Each of us at least once in my life tried to do handmade crafts. Even if the last time you did this in school, it's never too late to try again. Moreover, Dekorin offers to get acquainted with interesting ideas of crafts made by own hands. Be sure to

Decoration of walls - 30 ideas with own hands

I want changes in the interior! Something of the sort, intriguing and enticing, dynamic and driving, refined and refined! The one that will make the study in the house even more restrained, the living room - even more friendly, the bedroom - more
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