Decor of seashells - 10 decorating ideas with your own hands

Many fans of the rest on the sea after the holiday bring home different leaf mussels and other inhabitants of the depths. With such elements it is easy to make the design of each room in a stylish and original home. It is not difficult to make decor

Crafts for children with their own hands: a selection of 50

To decorate various handicrafts for children with their own hands with their child is an exciting activity that significantly contributes not only to the development of the child, but also to strengthening your relationships with him. Any child will

How to make a decorative stone: the technology of making

The stone has been used in construction since time immemorial. The material is durable and durable, thanks to which the buildings were erected for centuries. A couple of hundred years ago, only rich people could afford a house of stone, while the

Decorating wedding bottles of champagne with your hands +50

The decoration of festive bottles is one of the beautiful traditions of a modern wedding ceremony. They can be made by the bride herself, or you can present a sweet gift created by your own hands to future spouses. Exquisitely decorated champagne

Knitting for home and interior - 30 photo samples

The desire to be special and unique is inherent in people by nature. Human actions are always aimed at creating themselves as an indispensable person. This quality is also manifested in the desire to transform the surrounding environment into

Decorating bottles with your own hands - 50 ideas

At any person the house is considered the territory of personal space, which the owner draws up in accordance with their preferences and taste. It is in the house with the help of small details that a balance of coziness and functional convenience is

Modern wall-paper for the kitchen: more than 80 photo-images

Repair and decoration of the kitchen is a conscious and serious step. Modern kitchen space along with the basic functions (cooking and eating food) gets extra - the reception of guests and their accommodation for the night. Long stay in the kitchen

Beautiful wallpaper for the walls - 170 photos of original

Today, a huge range of wallpapers, many types. So, among the many species is the following: vinyl, paper, non-woven, glass, textile, liquid, bamboo. The choice is so great that it is not easy to list all types. Let us dwell in more detail on each of

Decorative panel on the wall with your own hands +75 photo

The house is the place where you want to feel as comfortable as possible. There are various ways to make it even more cozy. But it's especially nice when the decor elements are made by themselves. Decorative panels in the interior always attract

Facades of one-storey houses - 50 interesting design options

Modern building materials, which are faced with facades of one-storey houses, amaze with variety, practicality and aesthetic appearance. If you want to navigate and choose something suitable, we suggest that you consider this issue in more detail.
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