Crafts from wine corks own hands

The history of the appearance of cork is closely related to grape alcohol. When people learned to make wine, they faced the problem of storing wine. The tanks in which the alcoholic beverage was bottled, it was necessary to clog up something. At

Design of the head of the bed - more than 20 ways

The main element of the bedroom is definitely a bed. It instantly attracts the view of the incoming, it is a place of rest and an object of adornment. From its appearance depends the harmony of the room and your mood. Therefore, the appearance of

Crafts from coffee beans by own hands +50 photo

A fragrance that can lift out of bed in the morning when you do not feel like going to work. Does not let you fall asleep, because there is still a lot to do in the evening. At business negotiations it helps to establish contacts. Addition to a

Decor for a house with your own hands - ideas for design +

For each of us, the cosiness and warmth of the house is a feeling associated with some things and interior features. Give your home an identity, emphasize the dignity, and can defame the shortcomings of various design techniques help the room, which

Decor butterflies own hands +60 photo

To make the interior comfortable, you need to pay more attention to detail. One of these details may be the presence of wall moths. They are a symbol of ease and are associated with the summer season, when it's warm and sunny on the street, so if a

Decor lampshade - ways and ideas of decorating with your own

Decoration of the shade will help create a unique atmosphere of comfort in the house. In addition, it will help to give old things a new life. You do not need to throw away obsolete lamps and lamps, but it is worthwhile to show a little imagination

9 kinds of manufacturing of interior dolls by own hands

Interior dolls fuel interest among themselves among collectors and simply connoisseurs of beautiful designer gizmos for many decades. Knitted, clay, textile and many other homemade pupae are made by needlewomen on individual orders. Unique sketches

Decorating flower pots with your own hands - 8 ideas

Any hostess is interested in making her home cozy, beautiful, revive it. Live flowers are a smart decoration for every home. Not a small role is played by the pot in which the flower is planted. Often have to deal with the fact that the usual

Roman curtains in the kitchen - 40 photos of modern design

Choosing curtains, it is equally important to take into account both their aesthetics and functional side. Roman curtains in the kitchen in 2017 ideally meet these parameters. So, they will suit any interior and will always look beautiful and

Paper decor: ideas and master classes

Sometimes it's just necessary to revive the interior and at the same time keep within a couple of days. Usually such preparation is connected with coming holidays. Some go to the store to buy unusual things, and others make jewelry themselves,
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