Decor candles with their own hands +75 photo

Candles perfectly decorate the interior, create a home cosiness. But conventional products, even in a refined candlestick, look not elegant enough. The ideas outlined in this article will help you create real works of art with minimal time and money.

Old suitcase decor - ideas for interior +75 photo

Everyone has old or worn out, out of fashion or bored suitcases. Parting with such a thing is not easy, because it is associated with too many expensive memories, but it is difficult to find it. Unfortunately, it's impossible to take such a suitcase

Application of artificial trees (39 photos)

Now increasingly it has been used furniture from artificial rattan. In addition, many manufacturers of interior items accent consumers on artificial plants that can bring a little comfort and coziness to the room, as well as soften the strict office

Application of the rope in the interior +70 photo

As a decor sometimes unusual things come out. Jute ropes, sisal twines are those items that are able to decorate any home, regardless, in what style the atmosphere is maintained: country, sea or popular loft now, a she-chic chic. Jute, sisal, hemp -

Design of balconies outside and inside: top-100 photos of

In our society, a tradition has formed: to evaluate or call an apartment by the number of rooms in it - one-bedroom, two-bedroom and so on. It's unlikely that someone once mentioned the balconies. But very vain- Today, the balcony is not a place for

How to choose a faucet sink in the bathroom - 30 photos

To date, a wide range of bathroom faucets and faucets are available in sanitary ware shops, therefore, not everyone can choose their own plumbing without the help of a specialist. If the reader has a need to buy a good basin mixer in the bathroom,

Refrigerator decor +70 photo ideas

The main idea of ​​the art of decor, when it comes to the interior, is to create a holistic image of the room, corresponding to a certain direction of style through various art techniques and techniques. If it comes to the kitchen, then the

Box decor with own hands - examples and photo ideas

In every house there are always small things that give the room a look of slovenliness and clutter. An excellent solution is to store such trifles in boxes. In a beautiful design they can be found in stores, but it would be much more profitable and

New year's curtains and window decoration ideas

Winter came. End of the year, it's time to take stock, update life plans and take a step into the future. The New Year holiday in all countries is held in different ways. But, in addition to original traditions, there are unifying features in each

Photo wallpapers in a children's room for boys and girls 55

Every parent wants the children's room to be beautiful and magical. Photo wallpapers in a children's room for boys and girls is a great idea for decorating a child's room. So, photo wallpapers are no worse than hand-painted walls, but they are much
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