Wedding decor: 11 ways to decorate

The wedding is not only beautiful photos on the background of the sunset, but also holiday chores. Organization of the event can be entrusted to a professional agency, which will take care of everything necessary. However, small details of the

Decorating new year's balls with your own hands - a

Factory Christmas tree decorations are in almost every house. They are certainly very beautiful and with a good combination with other decorations in the house can cause a decent aesthetic effect. But just buying Christmas balls is boring. Uniqueness

Bedroom interior: decor, ideas, trends 2018

The bedroom is the sacred place of any house or apartment. The space where you relax from everyday bustle and plunge into sweet dreams, charging with positive and energy for the whole future day. How to create a beautiful bedroom interior at no extra

Decor caskets with their own hands: decorating ideas +

Handicraft attracts many people. For example, the ladies have long had a passion for embroidering textiles, weaving macrame. Popularity also enjoys the decoration of various items. The most suitable accessory for this is a female box. It can be

Decor of glass and tin cans by own hands

Everywhere in our life we ​​are surrounded by various things that we use for needs that society dictates. And what if you try things that are limited in their use, used differently? This will lead to something interesting and original. In the article

Device for sharpening knives with your own hands - step by

The use of sharp knives in the kitchen greatly facilitates the preparation of food, speeds up the process itself, freeing up time for leisure or just for rest. After all, you need to make a lot of effort to cut the meat, cut the bread or vegetables

Spreading rate for 1m² - consumption rate with photo

The consumption of putty on one square meter is determined not only by the condition of the working surface. Other factors play a role here, and the most common problem is the lack of material to complete the work. To prevent this from happening, the

Horizontal blinds for windows: types and materials for

Horizontal blinds for windows appeared not so long ago, but immediately won the attention of interior designers. Entering the room, a person pays attention to windows in the first place, so it is important to decorate them beautifully and

Interior of a children's room for a girl: 67 ideas for

When a little princess appears in the house, moms and dads get off their feet to surround her with the best. A beautiful and functional interior of a children's room for a girl is not just a tribute to fashion. This is important for the harmonious

Suspended shelves - 55 photos in original and modern design

In the modern world, there is much room for original interior decoration of the apartment. Suspended shelves are a pretty practical solution in this matter. They have many variations, from the simplest, known to us from childhood, and ending with
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