Wall curtain rails - 40 photos of modern models

Carrying out the decoration of the room, it is necessary to take into account a lot of nuances. And one of them is the wall curtain rails. This is quite a small detail, but it is she who makes the interior of the premises complete and harmonious.

Crafts from cones with your own hands - interesting

Bumps are one of the most accessible materials. They can be found in the park or in the forest. From cones you can make a variety of crafts. But before embarking on creativity, creating articles from cones, it is necessary to clarify some of the

Chandelier with their own hands: principles of manufacture,

Each person, if desired, can change the interior of his apartment, without extra spending adding a zest to it. Especially financial opportunities not everyone allows you to buy decorative details in order to make the interior of your house more

How to make gabions by yourself: turn-by-turn instructions

If it is decided to make gabions with their own hands, a step-by-step instruction is extremely necessary. These spectacular fences of garden plots are gaining popularity. And not in vain: gabions are extremely reliable and beautiful protection of

Curtains in the hall - 160 photos of novelties

Undoubtedly, the main room of any house is the hall. There we rest, we spend time with our family and invite guests. That's why it should be especially cozy. This atmosphere gives small details, among which an important role is played by curtains. A

The cheapest floor is an overview of all types with

Despite the fact that carpet and wooden floor coverings are some of the most beautiful, yet they belong to a fairly high price category. Therefore, not everyone can afford such a luxury. However, for today in the market of materials it is possible

Decor with a baguette

The decor of the baguette is a fashionable and stylish accessory, which will decorate almost any room. Baguettes for a ceiling or a wall as an ornament already surprise nobody, and are practically obligatory attribute of each house. Such a design has

Folding dining table: types and functionality

Is there not a lot of space in your apartment? Like to receive guests, but want to do without a massive dining room furniture? Then the folding dining table is exactly what you need. Today we will discuss how to choose the right transformer table and

75 photos of ideas of suites design by own hands

In recent years, the circle of needlewomen has been increasingly referred to as the "suite design". What is behind this mysterious term? Anyone with a baggage of English school knowledge will remember that "sweet" is translated as "sweet." Even in

Design of a large bathroom - design and design features

Making a bathroom in an apartment or a private house, it is always nice to deal with a spacious room. Tightness does not hamper the flight of creative thought, there are huge opportunities in the choice of sanitary ware and decoration. But the
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