Kitchen wallpapers - 120 photos of the best design solutions

The overall appearance of the room is created by decorating the walls. Any room can be given an individuality. Of course, the decoration includes the kitchen. But the wallpaper in this space is selected according to certain rules.

Aluminum blinds: a variety of designs and designs

Today, one of the most popular types of decoration of window and door openings are aluminum blinds. During its existence, these seemingly familiar designs have significantly changed, they have acquired new decorative and practical properties. Now

Table decoration by own hands

Did you come up with the fantasy of decorating your old home furniture with your own hands? Go ahead bravely - the result is worth it. You will receive a new piece of furniture, absolutely unlike the others, and spend time, realizing the craving for

Garage with your own hands - how to build a reliable home

For any car owner, the garage is not only a place where its "iron horse" can be safely stored, but also in the corner where there is an opportunity to distract from domestic worries. Building a garage with your own hands, you make a reliable and

Calculating the number of boards in one cube: calculation

When building or repairing a wooden house, you need to have some knowledge, including information about the number of boards in one cube. For this, it is not necessary to be a genius in mathematics or to have a building education, it is enough only

Chandeliers in the kitchen in a modern style: views, design

In every modern interior design, every detail is important. It will be a chair or a wall clock - it does not matter. One wrongly matched element and everything - harmony is broken! Chandeliers in the kitchen in the modern style require the same

Decor from wooden boxes

In recent years, the so-called "lifhaki" has become fashionable. From improvised means by simple manipulations construct something useful for the house. In the course go and wooden boxes, of which it is easy to assemble original, multi-functional

How to decorate a mirror with your own hands

Mirror is an indispensable attribute of human life, for several centuries already. It is difficult to imagine an apartment in which it is not - such a room will be strange, lifeless, devoid of familiar comfort. The decor of the mirror adds

The design of the hall in the apartment is a photo of

The living room is the face of any dwelling. In the living room in a warm and very cozy company, friends gather, the family gathers for rest. Therefore, the main task entrusted to design is the organization of a recreation area. Do we draw a

Floor lamp with your hands: 30 photos of beautiful floor

It's not difficult to make a lamp with your own hands, if you put a little imagination and creativity. This task, of course, will require some time, special tools and materials, but the end result will certainly please its owner. A lamp made on its
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