Decorating bottles with twine with your hands + 54 pics

Decor twine with your own hands - simple and original technique for the transformation of old or useless in everyday life items in exclusive decor elements. As a rule, everything that requires such decor twine and glue. And the rest - the flight of

New year's toys with their hands 2018 - original ornaments

There is a belief that making New Year toys with your own hands draws happiness to the house. New Year's toys with their hands in 2018 will be an excellent gift for relatives and friends. Let's consider what New Year's toys can be done with our own

Ways to create and decorate boxes for storage

In a modern house or apartment surrounded by a huge number of various things and gizmos. To the room looked neat, not cluttered, all this "wealth" should be somewhere to place, lay out. When places on shelves, shelves, in cabinets, do not have enough

Beautiful crafts for interior decoration

1 Dialing in the search engines "Crafts for the interior with their own hands," do you come across such a huge selection of design ideas that your eyes are scattered? What can this be created without having special skills to make it not very

Paintings in the interior - 75 photos of beautiful design

You for a long time planned to change something in your life and decided to start with the renovation of the apartment. Of course, I want to create an ideal atmosphere of comfort, comfort and originality. If the simplicity is not to your liking, but

Paper flowers for decor: master classes

Flowers from time immemorial were considered the best decoration of a man's dwelling, his clothes. Flowers were made from a wide variety of materials - stone, wood, metal, plastic, fabric, wax, threads. Multicolored or white flowers from decorative

The most beautiful houses in the world - 100 best photos

As you know, the owners of the most amazing and rather unusual houses are the famous people. There is the top of the most beautiful houses in the world, and from this row one stands out, in many respects superior to the rest. Table of contents of

Panel on the wall - 50 ideas for creating beautiful scenery

Wanting to make your home not only stylish, but also cozy, everyone, for sure, thinks about what decorative details it is worth to add to it, so that everything looks harmonious. Panel on the wall - one of these options. This is a beautiful work of

What are the countertops made of artificial stone

Table tops made of artificial stone correspond to the appearance of the kitchen according to various parameters. This applies to the material used, its quality and color, design and style. Countertops for kitchen made of artificial stone: .

Interior design of a small one-room apartment: ideas, layout

You live in a tight little room and, dug in piles of things and furniture, dream of moving to a spacious house? Are you sure that your "odnushka" is not at all suitable for a comfortable stay? Do not rush to conclusions. A small one-room apartment,
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