House crown from the studio

Astonishing project designer Michal Nowak - Crown House, was implemented by architects from the studio 81.WAW.PL. Outwardly the residence resembles the outlines of the crown, and its external walls contrast sharply with the black depth of the nearby

House project on the slope of kenji yanagawa

Kenji Yanagawa designed a house project on the slope. The unusual design of the house is the need to minimize the impact on the environment, because to build a house on a slope it is necessary to develop a sufficiently large amount of rock to level

Modern architecture: dalian library

One of the concepts of the new library in Dalian, China. The library merges with nature, dragging visitors into a unique landscape. The building seems to be intertwined with the ground, creating rows of courtyards and unevennesses, and rising higher

10 lessons on the design of the exterior, which you need to

We all want a stunning house that will stand out from the background of others, but we also want it to be combined with its surroundings and the surrounding area. The process of registration of the exterior can be quite complicated, you need to

Futuristic villa casa dupli from the designer j.mayer

Original house, villa Dupli House designed by J.Mayer H., was built in 1984. Using duplicating and rotational principles in the basis architecture building. The building embodies a family villa with футуристическим design. Inside and outside the

Modern architecture: sanctuary under the house in santiago,

Architects Mirene Elton and Mauricio Leniz, представляющandе студandю дandзайна elton+léniz arquitectos asociados, реалandзовалand проект Refugio La Parva. Этот частный дом расположен в городе Santiago, Чandлand. Владельцы резandденцandand хотелand

Competition of energy-efficient and environmentally friendly

The organizers of R + T Russia invite architects and interior designers to take part in the SmaR + T competition organized within the framework of the international exhibition R + T Russia 2013 ( Information support of the

White cave house by japanese architects takuro yamamoto

White Cave House is a magnificent country house, made in a minimalist style and located in Kanazawa, Japan. The project was developed by the local studio Takuro Yamamoto Architects. The architect created the building, which is based on one color -

Modern architecture: the impeccable mansion in beverly hills

The mansion is represented by four bedrooms, a living room, a dining room, a kitchen, a study room and a rest room on the second floor, a swimming pool in the courtyard and even a jacuzzi in the master bathroom. The modern atmosphere, chic and

The unique øresund bridge-tunnel

The Øresund Bridge has a very impressive size. The bridge is 7845 meters long and weighs 82,000 tons, occupying almost half the distance between Amager Island and Sweden. Two railway tracks and four automobile lanes pass through it, as there are two
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