Modern architecture: mansion in são paulo by studio arthur

The Studio Arthur Casas project bureau mansion Casa HSlocated in the countryside an hour's drive from São Paulo, Brazil. The residence area is 1,000 sq.m. and it is divided into two blocks: the main one for parents, and also an additional one for

Chipicas town houses drowning in the garden architectural

A unique architectural project located in Valle de Bravo, Mexico, consists of four houses, all of them are located near a beautiful garden. Exquisite facade of buildings made of natural wood increases the feeling of kinship with the surrounding

Unusual floating house exbury egg from studio pad, group

The Exbury egg is the fruit of the joint work of the PAD studio, the SPUD group and the artist Stephen Turner, who, by the way, plans to work the whole next year straight out of this egg. Now the egg is in the mouth of the river Beaulieu, Great

Stunning wooden houses by apelle from the architect marco

Wooden housesApelles, located in Karja, Finland, stand out from projects of eco-houses. Building is located among the natural surroundings of stones and trees, where the rule of not violating the natural habitat is observed with particular

Exotic resort le sereno in the caribbean sea

Exotic places always inspired me when I was a child. I even dreamed of having my own island, lost somewhere in the vast Pacific Ocean, away from everyday vanity, pollution of the environment, people, time. Despite the fact that I have not yet

Modern architecture: nike + fuelstation in london

In July 2012 corporation Nike Opened an unusual sports club, equipped with the latest digital technologies. Located in London, Nike+ Fuel Station Developed specifically to motivate the sports community. On the area of ​​384 sq.m. The Nike +

Modern architecture: h house from the studio wiel arets

The house is located in the suburb of Maastricht, which on the border of the Netherlands and Belgium. The project covers 230 square meters. The project of the house was planned for a long time, customers wanted to leave their green lawn behind the

A modern house with garden room garden from capital a

Garden Room project to expand the country house from the studio Capital A Architecture in Edinburgh. The task facing the architects was as simple and convenient to expand the living space of the house. The studio was offered, and later an external

Project beko masterplan from architect zaha hadid

The well-known architect Zaha Hadid recently presented the project "Beko Masterplan", which will be located in the center of Belgrade, next to the wall of the historical castle Kalemegdan. It will house residential areas, retail and commercial

Stephane malka: ep7 restaurant in paris

French architect and former graffiti painter Stefan Malka developed a restaurant project that synthesizes mythical notes of nature and modern elements of architecture. The peculiarity of the project is its unusual facade wall, consisting of living
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