Modern architecture: riverside museum of transport - another

Among the most unusual architectural buildings in the last year is the Riverside Transport Museum ( Riverside Museum of Transport) in Glasgow, which opened last summer.For a short time of its existence, the museum attracted almost 1.5 million

Individual house "cut"

Individual house "Cut" is located in the Leningrad region., Settlement "Sosnovka".Technical and economic indicators: Number of storeys - 2eth Total area - 211,4 m2 Building area - 272,0 m2 Building volume - 1496m3 Technology - panel frame house

Villa on the japanese coast from the french studio ciel

Private villa is located on the coast of Japan and the building includes a private museum, a guest house and a spa building. Each room in the guest house has its own privacy zone, but all of them "overlap" in the patio.The round shape of the building

Berlin national gallery in the rain, work romuald chaigneau

Berlin National Gallery quite a remarkable architectural structure. Famous attraction attracted a young guy from France Romuald Chaigneau, but apparently he was not very cheerful mood and he decided to imagine what the gallery will look like in the

Parkroyal on pickering - the newest project of studio woha

PARKROYAL on Pickering - the newest project He studio is located in Singapore.It is glossy hotel, complemented by tropical gardens and wavy structures of reinforced concrete, elegantly integrated into the urban architecture.Singapore's He architects

Promenade residence from the architects of bgd architects in

Promenade Residence consists of a two-storey luxury house, conceived as an ideal holiday home and a magnificent terrace with a swimming pool. The project was developed by a group of architects from BGD Architects in Queensland, Australia. The main

Secrets of the designer: where to take inspiration

Each of us wants his house to be cozy, comfortable, special, so that it would be the place where one always wants to return. And today there are all possibilities for the embodiment of the most original, unusual design concepts. But the big (yes,

The device of columnar foundation

When is a column foundation needed? First, if the mass of construction is small. As a rule, these are skeleton-panel or wooden house-building. Secondly, its arrangement is expedient: on supersaturated soils; on peat, swampy and sandy soils; in

Incredible project for the revival of knq associates in

Not so long ago KNQ Associates made an amazing transformation of the mansion, they also argue that not every person is ready for such transformations. The house, both externally and internally - is a reflection the inner world of the hosts, their

24 amazing hotels in which you would like to be now

We know that many of you like to read articles on the Internet while at work (ay-yay-yay, fans of misuse of working time), so we created a virtual tour of stunning hotels in different parts of the globe, in which you probably would like be right
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