The modern black and white family house the grand bell house

From far, this modern country residence, designed by the creative team of Andres Remy Arquitectos, looks like a black and white monolith, pierced with windows, then and there. The project, code-named The Grand Bell House located 50 kilometers from

Modern architecture: pahoia mansion in new zealand from

The owners of the residence wanted the project to be distinguished by a sense of tranquility and serenity, simplicity and confidentiality, and also by quality and constancy. It was also important for them that the mansion had all the necessary

Important tips that should be considered before starting

Building a house can be exciting! Meeting with the architect and contractor, where you discuss how your house will look and function, is an important milestone in the life of any person. Although, before thinking about what will be the interior and

Modern architecture: a majestic mansion in canada from guido

Architects of the studio Guido Constantino from Toronto presented the project 44 Belvedere Residence. Luxury mansion an area of ​​930 sq.m. is located in the south of Ontario, Canada. It is presented by two floors and is built only a few minutes from

Golden rules of the owner of a wooden staircase

Wisdom and diligence of the real master is not only in the arrangement of the house, in the choice of practical and natural pieces of furniture and everyday life, but also in the further careful care of them. Choosing the right wooden staircase for

The original design of an environmentally friendly power

Power stations are not the most fascinating and original buildings in the world. We used to see something big and smoking when we hear the word "power station" and usually characterize it with pollution. However, the guys from the studio Centerbrook

Modern architecture: luxury villa over the andaman sea in

Villa Amanzi presented by Original Vision is located on the mountainside with a stunning view of the Andaman Sea near Phuket, Thailand. The mansion as if "grows" from the mountain between the trees, the foundation for the building was a solid rock.

How to choose the right color of the house

Whether you know it or not, the appearance of your home is a reflection of the uniqueness of its owners. Depending on many factors, such as color, architectural details and many others, you can help your home shine. However, the color of the facade

Modern architecture: the winery in france from atelier

White concrete construction of a streamlined form reveals the results of human-nature interaction. Elegant appearance corresponds to the exclusivity of the wine produced here. As for technology, these are only necessary conditions, and not an object

The original farmhouse in vermont

McLeod Kredell Architects not so long ago completed the project of a modern rural house in Middlebury, Vermont, The USA. The main task of architects when planning a house was to adapt modern functions for home, limited by local laws. In addition, the
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