40 stunning modular sofas in the interior

Modular sofa can have a variety of shapes and sizes, forming at the same time from several separate parts (from 2 to 5). The most common variant of such a sofa is a model for 2-4 places, with an extra chair, padded stool or a couch (corner sofa). At

New trend: bed with a soft headboard - photo and review

A bed with a soft headboard is one of the latest trends in interior design, which is predicted by a large increase in popularity in the coming years. And this is great news! Because soft backs are very comfortable for rest and reading in bed, and

Furniture fabrics for sofas and armchairs

Get 10 really useful tips on how to choose the right furniture fabrics for the sofa and armchairs! 1. Fabrics of neutral colors, having a texture, is much preferable to simple monophonic fabrics. First, this upholstery of furniture looks much more

Folding sofa in the kitchen - 40 photos of beautiful models

The kitchen is often associated with pleasant scents, delicious food, warm tea and conversation during the meal. Today Dekorin will tell you how, by installing a folding sofa in the kitchen, you can easily relax and rest after a hard day at home
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