Kitchens of wood with their own hands: material selection,

Making a kitchen from a tree by own hands has a number of advantages. This solution will give the opportunity to choose a kitchen of any configuration, layout and size. In our age of artificial materials, the use of natural wood in the manufacture of

Care of furniture: an overview of useful tips with photos

The basis of any interior is beautiful furniture. Such purchases do not often, therefore, acquiring the situation in the house or office, we expect for a long period of its service, while often forgetting that the furniture needs special care.

Wrought-iron beds in the interior - 75 photos of the best

Art forging - a true virtuosity in the furniture industry around the world. Quality forged items always inspire children's enthusiasm. They seem to return us to the fairy-tale world of castles and noble knights of the Middle Ages. When used in the

A small sofa in the kitchen with a bed - 57 successful

Multifunctional spaces have long won our hearts. So the kitchen has ceased to be a place solely for cooking. In modern interiors it often becomes also a place of rest and reception of visitors. A good conversation and a pleasant pastime requires a

Upholstered furniture in the interior - 120 best photos of

Any variety of upholstered furniture is not only functional products, but also able to give any room a certain feature and create a quiet cozy atmosphere. In this article, we will try to understand what are the requirements and conditions for the

Corner kitchen with bar counter - 25 photos with design

Corner kitchen cabinets are the ideal solution when you want to maximize the space allocated for the arrangement of the kitchen. And for the time spent here to become even more memorable and happy, set the bar! This will allow you to abandon the

Coffee table in the interior - 120 photos of the best

The coffee table in the interior is a multifunctional and versatile object. No living room can do without the presence of a nice coffee table in it. The presence in the apartment of such a table is a usual phenomenon, that is, availability - for

A comfortable sofa with your hands: the instruction with a

Picking up a sofa for your apartment, people often face the problem of the lack of models with color or trim, suitable for their interior, or the required dimensions. One solution to this problem is to make a sofa yourself. With this approach, it

Sofa in the kitchen: a review of the varieties on 28

The question of choosing comfortable and practical furniture for the kitchen space is of interest to many now, especially if it is a question of which is better to buy a sofa in the kitchen. It is this piece of furniture that has recently become the

Bunk bed in the interior of the nursery

At the birth of the second, third child, the question arises: where will they sleep? Well, if the apartment is large enough, there is the possibility to equip everyone with not only a sleeping place, but also a personal "working" space. If you have
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