Bedroom furniture - the best new items 2017 goa modern

Choose furniture in the bedroom is not easy, because this room has the status of the main chambers of the house, which means that it must be responsibly addressed to its arrangement. First of all, the furniture in the bedroom should satisfy all your

75 ideas for the manufacture of furniture from pallets

Pallet, pallet, pallet - rigid, usually wooden, cardboard, plastic, metal stand, for moving, storing cargo with the help of special mechanisms. They come in different sizes, carrying capacity. Wooden pallets are durable, ecological, durable enough.

How to make a writing desk for yourself

Modern writing desks, which are presented in furniture stores, look very stylish. However, standing a lot of money is often not strong enough. That's why people who appreciate quality and who want to save on buying new furniture, often look for

Corner upholstered furniture for the hall - 35 photos

Want to buy a corner sofa? Or maybe you are interested in different angular soft furniture, which will help to save space in an apartment or a private house? In this article you will see what kind of corner soft furniture for a hall can be - we offer

Café design: photo of literate and decorated interiors

A good cafe design is as important as the quality of food and drinks that it serves. Invite your friends to go out to dinner and, if they are not very hungry, they will most likely want to go to the place where the best atmosphere reigns. Today

Furniture restoration: 25 best ideas on pinterest

The Pinterest site is the 35th most popular in the world. It is not surprising that he is better than others for finding inspiration, because he constantly accumulates a variety of ideas from the field of interior design, the creation of coziness in

Advantages of garden furniture from artificial rattan

The most expensive and high-quality rattan furniture is made of rattan barrel, which grows in Southeast Asia. No less popular today are furniture sets of artificial rattan (technotoranga), the quality of which is almost inferior to the natural

Stylish bookcases, shelves and libraries in the interior

Modern bookcases, shelves and libraries with open shelves allow you to store a large number of things in the room without sacrificing design. Even on the contrary: your collections of books, supplemented with family photos within the framework,

Podium in the interior +50 photo

High style, extravagance, luxury - such associations cause only one mention of the word "podium". The architectural element, which in ancient times adorned the ancient temples and royal palaces, today moved into private mansions and ordinary,

Modern bedroom design: the best ideas and photo 2016

The bedroom is the only room in the house that should uncompromisingly express the taste of its owners and envelop them with comfort. Every year, the design of the bedroom is given increasing importance, from choosing a comfortable bed and finishing
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