Fashionable choice - velvet sofa in the living room (20

Velvet is a soft fabric in the pile, which is known at least from the Middle Ages. At the end of the last century, it began to gradually disappear from the pages of fashion magazines, and was almost deemed obsolete when suddenly it began to gain

Stairs in the interior - 100 photos of modern ideas

In order to make the open space in the kitchen cozy and stylish you can use bookcases. This is one of the best options for decorating the interior. In most houses in the CIS, kitchens are small in size, so the use of flooring is the best option to

Designer chairs in a modern interior - 50 stylish photos

If you decide to decorate the interior beautifully, stylishly, and, most importantly, comfortable - it is worth considering for him such modern furniture as designer chairs and armchairs. To date, they have the most intricate interpretations, have

Shelves on the wall for books and not only: ideas with a

Wall regiments help out when you need to organize somehow accumulated books, indoor flowers, souvenirs and decor, while decorating the empty and boring surface of the wall. Fortunately, today there are many original shelves for different purposes.

Children's beds - 120 photos of the ideal options in the

The cot is an important element of the children's room, because it depends on the quality of sleep that the child's well-being and moods depend on. Cots differ in their functionality, so during the growing up period there is a need to update the

Cabinet with glass doors - the atmosphere of antiquity or a

Recently, more attention is being paid to lockers with glass doors. And not for nothing, because their diversity just does not know the boundaries - from the sweet and vintage to the restrained and even massive. Everyone can find an option to his

Built-in wardrobe in the hall: profitable, stylish and

Built-in wardrobe in the hallway - one of the options for furniture, enjoying great popularity, thanks, in the first place, its ability to save the most square meters, leaving as much free space. The hallway is the premise of the apartment, which

Chairs in the interior - 70 photos of examples of modern

At least once in your life each of you had to face a choice of chairs for the kitchen, and everyone understands - the task is not the easiest. Here you can not visit the first store of furniture and just buy a chair, because it is fraught with the

Brown sofa in the interior +50 photo examples

Use a brown sofa in the interior of the apartment or house you need with the mind. This should be the most practical model that will be used for rest or daytime sleep. For guest rooms suitable products folding type. The study of the main

Functional and beautiful modular walls: variants of a

The dynamics of life is reflected in fashionable furniture trends, now a beautiful modular wall helps to present stylish features to the premises, including organize storage. Such furniture is ergonomic, functional. A variety of options and the
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