Computer table - 80 best photo ideas in the interior

Each of us spends an incredible amount of time sitting at his PC. But if you know how to choose a computer table correctly and without errors, it will not only perfectly fit in the interior of your house, but also will make the time spent for it the

Restoration of upholstered furniture by one's own hands:

Not every old and well-worn sofa has a place in the dump. Restoration of upholstered furniture can bring as much joy as buying a new one. And maybe even more if you like to do things yourself. In this article Dekorin will tell and show how the

Closet cabinet in the corridor: an overview of stylish

To date, the wardrobe compartment in the corridor with the ease of pushing out of the interiors of classic clothing models. It is more practical and convenient, especially if it concerns the arrangement of a small room. Its sliding opening system

Small bar counters for small kitchens

Every housewife knows that fighting with a lack of space in the kitchen is sometimes very difficult. The bar counter can act in the kitchen as an additional work surface, dining area or rest space. Do not forget about the decorative aspect of kitchen

Mirror furniture for a spectacular interior

Mirror furniture in the interior - it's like red lipstick in a women's handbag: always helps out in situations where you need to add a little glamor and chic. And also as different shades of red (for example, the color of a cherry or a rose), the

Tv stands in the interior - how to choose? 115 photo ideas

Despite the fact that modern TVs are often mounted on the wall, the TV stands do not lose their popularity. These pedestals are not only functionally significant, but also an active decorative element. Manufacturers offer thousands of different

Beautiful and high-quality peretyazhka upholstered furniture

If you have beautiful and expensive pieces of upholstered furniture, the outer upholstery covering of which has worn out, then it is not necessary for them to pass judgment and dispose of them. Constriction of upholstered furniture will help save the

Corners - 115 photos of the beautiful corner design in the

How important is the comfort in the house. How pleasant it is to fall asleep in a soft bed watching the moon, the reflection of which shines through the window. Take an invigorating shower in the morning in a good mood. Lunch in a cozy kitchen, the

White living room furniture - 35 photos in interior design

Often people dream to refresh the interior of the living room with white color. But its impracticality and the need for careful care stop their selection in darker tones. Courageous people who still decided on this step, open the possibility to

Closet compartment in the hall +75 photo ideas

According to legend (who knows, maybe this is true), the first inventor of the wardrobe was none other than Napoleon Bonaparte. The world famous Corsican above all appreciated the order in things. The original French invention was liked by American
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