Restoration of soviet furniture with their own hands

Grandmother left you antique Soviet furniture of the 30s? Parents awarded the old closet from the 60's? Do not rush to get rid of them! In this article, you will learn how to restore the Soviet furniture yourself, or rather - how to update the old

The most beautiful and stylish kitchens - photos for

For most people, the kitchen is the heart of the house. It is here that families gather every morning to prepare for the start of a new day, and in the evenings - to discuss everything that happened this day. In this case, not all of us can afford

Cushioned furniture

Tired of the look of the old upholstered furniture? Things that occupy such an important place in your home should create comfort and give only positive emotions! It does not matter, you decided to buy new furniture and repair the old one: we have

Chest in a modern interior

The chest is considered the ancestor of a number of modern items of furniture: chiffoniers, cabinets, chests of drawers, bedside tables and even caskets. Previously, in the absence of another storage system, all the most valuable things were stored

How to choose a wardrobe?

The wardrobe plays an important role in the interior. That's why you need to carefully choose not only the shape, but also the color of the model. Popularity Surely, many know that the closets are very popular among modern buyers. They began to

Elite sofas - review of popular models, photo design in the

After renovating the renovation in the apartment, old furniture does not look at all - it looks inappropriate, awkward. It is understandable the desire of the owner of the apartment to clean all the trash and put a new chic furniture. If the repair

Chests in the interior - photo review of the best modern

At first there was a simple chest, which contained in itself the wealth of its master. With the growth of treasures and the chest grew more and more until the master was unbearable every time to perform acrobatic sketches in an attempt to pull out of

Shoe in the hall - an indispensable and ergonomic piece of

Today, when each member of the family has many pairs of shoes, a shoe in the hallway is simply necessary. In addition, thanks to this kind of interior, shoes will be stored in acceptable conditions, which means it will last longer and will have a

Choose a loft bed for children and adults

How much space does your bed take? Did you know that you can get exactly as much free space by buying an attic bed for a children's room or a small apartment? Unlike bunk beds, this type of sleeping place leaves the space at the bottom free, thanks

Bedside tables - photos of the best ideas for a modern

It would seem that in the bedroom can be more ordinary than a bedside table? But you can look at this piece of interior on the other side. Correctly selected bedside table can completely change your bedroom, and perhaps even become its "highlight".
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