How to determine the quality of a sofa

Arriving today in a furniture store, we can choose any upholstery and configuration of your favorite sofa. In addition, the upholstery can be changed over time, but what should I do if the seat is sold or the frame is loosened? Repair of these parts

Decor of a coffee table by one's own hands

Coffee tables so often decorate the interiors of houses and reception offices, which begins to seem as if this element has always existed. In fact, it was invented relatively recently, just a couple of centuries ago. The invention is attributed to

Wenge furniture in the interior +75 photo

Wenge furniture always looks luxurious in modern interiors. Wood Wenge belongs to the most expensive varieties of wood. It has excellent quality characteristics, high resistance to loads, durability. Externally, the wood of dark shades looks exotic

Desks in the interior: advice on choosing

The history of writing desks goes back to ancient times. Originally they were made of stone and represented a primitive construction with a horizontal surface (table top) and boulders, which served as legs. Of course, such "tables" were not written

Design of a small kitchen from 6 to 10 sq. m (photo

Most of the apartments in the post-Soviet space are small kitchens. If in the Khrushchevs their size is 5-6 sq m, then in stalks and new modern buildings - 6-10 sq. M. Beauty and comfort is difficult to combine with limited dimensions, therefore the

Built-in wardrobe compartment and its features - photo in

Cupboard. It would seem an ordinary piece of furniture designed to store things. Often, choosing a closet, people do not pay much attention to its design, dimensions, the number of shelves, drawers and hangers. But in vain. After all, it can be made

Cases-compartments in the interior of 110 photo examples of

A capacious wardrobe is suitable for storing any things: bed linen, books, ornaments. Practical products are used to equip houses with different areas and layouts. It is allowed to use models for placing kitchen utensils. They are equipped with

Cabinet in the living room - 45-photo design options

The living room is the center of the home. Today Dekorin will stop its attention on the furniture for this room and will tell you about what a wardrobe can be in the living room, and also will provide 45 photos of your ideas. It is in this room that

Shelving in the interior - rules of decoration, variety and

One of the most convenient and very popular methods of zoning space with small areas is the rack. This is a multi-tiered shelves, fixed with vertical uprights. They can be in built-in different in form cabinets, but they also fit easily into the

Cases-compartments: the design of facades +50 photo examples

The stylistics of modern interiors often involve the use of sliding doors. This allows you to save space that does not "eat" the opening flaps. The designers took the idea of ​​such design in the West from the trains. Capacious elements of furniture
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