Book shelves in the interior +50 photo examples

The time has passed when the bookshelves in the interior played a purely functional role in the room. Now they may well be an element of decor in an apartment or office. This is a great opportunity to show your creativity. What if you move away from

Closet in the bedroom: economical and roomy +75 photo

Places for storing things and household appliances are usually organized in the living room and bedroom. For this purpose, use shelves, cabinets, shelving, chest of drawers, but more practical furniture than cabinets have not yet come up with. They

20 pieces of furniture that will make you happy

We represent 20 incredibly cozy products that make us remember childhood, mother's embrace and just feel happy! 1. A couch in which one wants to climb after a long day. By the way, this cover can be sewn or tied by yourself! 2. Comfortable and

White bedroom - the magic charm of classics

The design of a bedroom in white color is not subject to time and capricious fashion. It would seem, well, what could be easier than a white bedroom? But no other shade is able to make this room look as clean, bright, spiritual and ... refined. A

Dark furniture in the interior +30 photo design examples

Intrusive thoughts about the indispensable darkness of the interior, which includes dark furniture, can put you to create a truly stylish, expensive, original home environment. With the help of a few simple techniques based on contrast, any very

Cabinet bed - transformer, improving life in a cramped

Speaking about such a brilliant and at the same time simple invention as a bed cabinet, which nowadays is not surprising, one should also mention its inventor. That was American William Lawrence Murphy (1876 - 1959), who registered his patent for

Cupboard compartment in the bedroom - optimize the space

Now, it seems, it is almost impossible to find an apartment in which there would not be a closet closet. What are the advantages they have and why are they so popular? We will talk about this in this article. Especially for you Dekorin prepared

Kitchen set for your kitchen - 80 design ideas

In order for the cooking process and pastime in the kitchen to be comfortable and practical, it is important to choose the right kitchen set. It is important that the furniture in the kitchen is ergonomic and functional, allowing you to place

Armchair-bed: how to choose a comfortable and functional

Such a piece of furniture as a chair-bed is the most convenient, practical and multifunctional, able to perfectly fit any interior even in the smallest apartments. However, when choosing a suitable model, you should pay attention to several important

Tv stands in a modern interior

TV often takes pride of place in any city apartment, a country house, is its decoration. Someone he hangs in a niche on the wall, bracket, an ordinary table, which is not always convenient. Modern designers invented many types of stands, which put
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