Furniture transformer to save space

Regardless of how big or small his house is, a modern person tries to make it as spacious and free as possible. Gone are the days when it was believed that "the more, the richer." Today in the trend smart and original solutions for the home,

Bedroom in provence style - 40 photos of chic interiors

The bedroom is a place for romance and quiet rest, designed to charge us with energy for meeting a new day in a fine mood. The bedroom in the Provence style, which combines classic and rustic style, French sophistication and aristocracy, is the best

Gray sofa: its features and color combinations +75 photo

Fantasies on a theme of gray color - a classical reception of designers at registration of premises. It is good as a tone of decoration materials and wallpapers, perfectly suited for painting wooden furniture, successfully looks in the objects of

Sofa in the kitchen with a bed - 35 photos of modern options

Young families, buying and building long-awaited square meters, often think about how to install a sofa in the kitchen with a bed. A cozy stylish sofa can become not only a decoration of the kitchen space - it will allow you to comfortably settle

Design of the closet - 110 photos of the perfect combination

Today, the wardrobe in the interior of any space - not only very convenient and practical, it's also trendy! In this article we suggest you familiarize yourself with the types of such furniture. And also view a variety of options in the photo of the

Base under the mattress - types and features of the bed

A good dream is a guarantee of health and success. Different aspects affect the quality of sleep. One of them is a quality bed for a bed. You can see the photo of the base under the mattress below. Table of contents of the article: Let us consider

Designer desks - beautiful exclusive furniture on 40 photos

Beautiful furniture is always able to decorate the interior and note its stylishness. In particular, designer tables made of high-quality materials will help create a beautiful design, not only in various premises of private housing, but also in

Furniture from wood - how to determine the quality

To determine the quality of wooden furniture does not necessarily have to be an expert. All you need to do before buying new furniture from wood is to look at its material, design, finish and take your time. Our article will acquaint you with the

Chair in the interior - 75 examples of models

Usually, beautiful chairs are installed in spacious halls or living quarters of the house. But with careful selection, you can easily find the original chair for the dining room or children's playroom. First of all, the owners must take into account

Dining table for the kitchen and dining room - 30 best

There are so many shapes and sizes of dining tables. What is the dining table to choose for your kitchen? Since the dining or dining area is the center of home entertainment, it is very important to choose the right dining table, which will
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