Wrought-iron beds in the modern bedroom interior + 75 photo

Wrought-iron beds have been used in the interior for a long time. These pieces of furniture do not age and do not go out of fashion. By forging means the process of deformation of the metal (heated or cooled) under the influence of a press or hammer,

Beautiful kitchen furniture - 70 photos with design samples

Kitchen furniture should be beautiful and functional. And large in area, and a very tiny space, if desired, can be arranged with maximum comfort. Dekorin website designers offer interesting ideas on the photo - choose what you like! And even if the

Multifunctional furniture on pinterest

Those who are interested in interior design or are just preparing to repair their home, it is important to be aware of the latest trends and practical interior solutions. This opportunity is provided by the global social network Pinterest, which

Plywood table - 65 photos in modern style

Furniture determines the character of the room and sets the mood. A table made of plywood can become an interesting accent of the living room, office, dining area. The team of designers Dekorin has prepared for you a special selection of photos. See

Rocking chair in the interior - 115 photos of novelties

No matter what lifestyle you lead, and what interior design you prefer, you can not do without a rocking chair. Design features make this type of furniture necessary, because the rocking chair makes life more comfortable. A full rest is achieved

Furniture-transformer for a small apartment - 32 photos

Regardless of how big or small his house is, a modern person tries to make it as spacious and free as possible. Gone are the days when it was believed that "the more, the richer." Today, in the trend, practical and original solutions for the home,

Decor of the chest with their own hands - techniques and

Renovation of furniture - a common practice that does not require significant investment and allows you to implement creative author's ideas. This applies to chests of drawers - almost the most functional furniture. The decor of the dresser should be

Stylish wall in the living room in a modern style - 55

Everyone wants to make the interior of his living room look all 100%. It is this room that is the place where we used to spend quite a long time in the company of a family or friends. Therefore, all the elements: a stylish wall in the living room in

Commodes in the modern interior +75 photo examples

The great-grandfather of the modern chest was a usual chest. This piece of furniture was considered universal: it can be put at home or transported along with the belongings. But in the trunk things had to be stacked in layers, and the more and more

Floating and hanging beds without legs

Floating and hanging beds are an excellent way to give the bedroom an unusual and spectacular look. The most characteristic for modern interior design, they can also become a perfect addition to any style of decoration, and with our selection of 30
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