Repair and finishing materials

Glass doors for shower: 30 functional ideas

Glass doors for showering - an excellent solution for both small and large bathrooms. Glass is a practical material that does not spoil from the effects of moisture and temperature, it is easy to take care of. Shower doors made of glass will make the

How to combine wallpaper with each other - 45 photos of

Wallpaper - one of the most popular types of wall coverings to date: they are relatively inexpensive and allow you to implement any design ideas. So, recently, a combination of wallpaper in the interior has become very fashionable. Different ways of

Decorative ceiling beams in the interior

In view of the low ceiling height, the design with beams is difficult to imagine in a typical city apartment. It is created in a spacious country house, where the beams in the interior look more appropriate. However, everything depends on the

Plasterboard partitions: decoration of the room layout with

Partitions from gypsum cardboard quite often become a wand-zashchalochkoj in designing of repair of an apartment. A few decades ago brick or concrete walls were erected in their place, which was quite troublesome, and it required a lot of financial

Modern decoration of walls with decorative plaster - 22

At the final stage of building a house or repairing an apartment, there is always the question of how beautiful and inexpensive it is to decorate the walls. Decorating walls with decorative plaster is one of the most popular options for decorating

Wallpaper design +150 photo examples

Choose wallpaper is not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Huge variety is often a hindrance, not an assistant. The theme of wallpaper design is not less extensive, but figuring out some of the nuances, choosing the right option will be

Dark doors in the interior +75 photo

If you are the owner of a new apartment or a private house, or you decided to radically change the interior in your native walls, the question will inevitably arise: what variant of the design proposals will stop? Existing solutions for the stylistic

Decorative stickers for interior on walls +50 photo

2 Quickly and easily transform the room, decorate the walls, ceiling, furniture, you can use the interior decorative stickers. These beautiful and original decor elements are easily attached to various surfaces, wallpaper, plasterboard, glass,

3d wallpaper in a modern interior +75 photo

Not so long ago a new word appeared in the design: a stereoscopic image that hides behind a more famous name - 3D wallpaper. At first they were considered an exclusive interior element, and there was a similar cover only in the most expensive

Linoleum in the interior +75 photo examples

Linoleum - all known material, which has a wide range of applications in industry and at home. It is used in the design of private interiors, office buildings, cafes, restaurants, offices. On the shelves of modern stores is a variety of floor
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