Repair and finishing materials

Why do the seaming stitches diverge and how can this be

Sometimes when gluing wallpaper joint-to-splice, that is not overlapping, people are faced with the fact that as the drying seams of wallpaper begin to creep - do not just peel off the walls, namely to part ways, leaving gaps between the

Types of glue for installing wallpaper

Modern manufacturers of wall coverings produce the widest range of wallpapers of different types, manufactured using a wide variety of resources and on different bases. What kind of glue should be used for the quality installation of certain

The ceiling in the bedroom: materials and design options -

A bedroom is an intimate place for two, which should radiate a comfortable atmosphere. The ceiling in the bedroom plays an important role. Decorating different parts of the room can not be divided, everything is interconnected. Walls, floor, ceiling

Wallpapers in the hallway: 30 photos with modern ideas in

This kind of decoration of walls as wallpaper in the hallway existed many decades ago and to this day has not lost its relevance. In many ways, this is due to the fact that wallpapering requires much less time, effort and financial costs than other

Modern entrance doors for beauty and safety

Entrance doors are an important factor that affects the first impression created by the dwelling, and the safety of all its inhabitants. If you are looking for this type of door structure, which is best for your home, then it will be helpful for you

Black ceiling in the interior +75 photo

Ceilings in the design of the room are different. But the most unusual and stylish option is the black ceiling in the interior and its variations. To make such an idea a reality can not be in every room, but where it is appropriate, the atmosphere

Wallpaper or painting walls: which is better?

Wallpaper gluing and wall painting are the two best ways to transform the space, not just hiding the walls, but also giving them a bright, original or even exotic look. Both of these methods have been deservedly popular for many centuries and, being

Types of decorative tiles for bricks

Traditionally, the facades of buildings were decorated with bricks. For interior finishing used other, more aesthetically beautiful materials, the simplest of which remains plaster. But with the advent of new trends in the design of brick in the

Doors for the dressing room: 30 photos and description of

Having appreciated the true convenience of having a special niche for saving things, many people are thinking about choosing the doors for the dressing room so that they not only fulfill their direct purpose, separating this space, but they could

Removing wall-paper from walls

Wall-papers usually consist of two or three layers of material: a decorative outer layer and two thin layers under it. The nature of the wallpaper has changed many times in recent years, which is why you may have to try different methods to make the
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