Repair and finishing materials

Combination of doors wenge with interior

Wenge is a valuable rare tree that grows in the tropical forests of Central Africa. In height it grows to 25 meters, and the maximum fixed diameter is 120 cm. The color of the wood is from yellow-brown to black-brown, there is a huge variety of

Interior designs - 30 design ideas

Interior decoration paintings - the most affordable and at the same time the original way of decorating an apartment or house. Previously, paintings for the interior were the prerogative of the elite layers of society, they were works of art of

Desktop wallpapers - 100 photo examples

When creating the interior of any room, all the details are important, but in the living room, the focus is more often on walls and furniture. The side background occupies the largest area and performs many different tasks. To the living room, like

We select photo wallpapers

According to some of the most gifted and unconventional people of creativity - designers, photo wallpapers in the interior create a unique atmosphere, individual style, show the character of the person. Today photo wallpapers are a powerful

Types of wallpaper for home

First of all, wallpapers for walls differ not in their design, but in their physical characteristics. When choosing wall coverings for a particular room, it is first of all necessary to pay attention to type of wallpaper, which is ideal for this

Niches in the interior +50 photo

Create an unusual design of the room to help niches in the interior. The history of their appearance is in a rustic interior direction. But before the emergence of this style of niche in the houses of the Roman emperors and medieval barons were not

Photo wallpapers with roses in the interior +30 photo

What are the only epithets do not reward this exceptional in the charm of the flower: "Beauty", "queen of the garden," "the queen of flowers." Beauty, variety of shades, amazing aroma made the rose a true favorite among a variety of colors. If you

Interior doors in the interior - 35 photos in combination

Did you know that you can change the whole face of your home by simply setting interior doors of the right color in the interior? The same floor and wall coverings will look completely different in combination with doors of light or dark shade. Let's

Striped wallpaper in the interior: types and combining

Striped ornament in the design of the walls is a popular and always up-to-date trend, allowing the original design of an apartment. Wallpaper stripes in the interior are an effective tool with which you can visually adjust the scale of the area of

Wall panels in the interior +75 photo examples in the design

Ideal option for creating a unique interior in the house or workplace, without capital investment of finance and labor, will be the decoration of the room with wall panels. Such a solution can be seen almost everywhere: in shops, cafes and
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