Repair and finishing materials

Decorative pvc panels

Modern interiors of living quarters, offices, shops are often decorated with decorative PVC panels. The reason for the popularity of this kind of finishing materials in their practicality, ease of installation, care. Beautiful veneer will fit into

To which wallpaper what curtains are suitable - we select a

How to choose curtains for wallpaper? Should they match the color of the walls, or is it better to stand out? Can a combination of colors make the room look bigger and more spectacular? For all these and other questions, you will find the answer in

Paint for the walls in the apartment: how to choose + 42

What is the best paint for walls in an apartment? Read more about this, as well as see unique photos of interiors! Painting the walls in the apartment today again becomes popular, as the market has many high-quality paints, characterized by

Floor tiles in the hallway: recommendations for choice and

Qualitative and tastefully selected floor tiles for the corridor - a beautiful and practical cover, as the hall is a place where you have to face sand, dust and shoes on your heels every day. Tiles perfectly tolerate these loads, besides, it will

Interior doors in the interior - types, materials, colors

Buying or ordering interior doors is a crucial step in the renovation of the interior, and without basic knowledge of the products presented on the market here is indispensable. In addition to the optimal price and quality, it is necessary to take

Houses with a flat roof - modern trends and ways of

Private houses with a flat roof, and, more precisely, their projects, came to us from the southern countries of Western Europe. It was there that the first cottages and villas with similar structures began to appear. Contrary to the popular belief

The combination of wallpaper in the interior - 30 ideas

Decoration of the walls of the dwelling goes back to ancient times. In Europe, the walls were clogged with silk or leather, in the East they used paper. Centuries pass, technologies, materials change, and humanity still uses wallpaper in the

Tree on the wall +75 photo in the interior

Trees are a symbol of fertility, stability and prosperity. It is no accident that the words "tree" and "health" have a similar origin. Today's article is a review of interior decoration of wood, as well as images of trees. It is possible that you

Glass blocks in the interior of the apartment

Glass blocks are obtained from two glass plates by pressing. This extraordinary material appeared in the USA for the first time. Glass blocks of the 30s were not very similar to modern ones, since they were a metal frame, the voids of which were

How to choose a skirting board for the interior

The skirting board is one of the finishing elements, which is attached to the bottom of the wall. Thin boards covered the gaps in ancient times. Then making one strip of plinth took a lot of time and effort. In the Middle Ages, this element became
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