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Design of ceilings - modern ideas

Modern style is inherent in thinking in several planes at once. If earlier attention was paid to the interior, for the most part, to the walls, now the ceiling design has become a fashionable developing direction. Original ideas are generated, new

Design of gypsum board ceilings: 10 interesting ideas

The arrangement of the room consists not only of the realization of the design direction. It is important to pay attention to the ceiling, which plays one of the decisive roles in creating a cozy comfortable space. The usual white ceiling is long

Gray floor on 75 photo examples in the interior

From the choice of the color scheme of the flooring, the overall perception of the room very often depends. The gray floor in the interior looks noble and has an amazing ability to both emphasize the rest of the colors of decoration, and to level out

Design wallpaper in the apartment +75 photo examples of

Decorating the room with wallpapers is a quick and relatively simple way to implement any design project, visually enlarge the room or divide it into functional areas. Wallpaper in the interior of the apartment can be successfully used in almost

Light interior doors in the interior +75 photo

White doors in the interior is the simplest design decision. Light colors bring lightness and cleanliness to the room without the need to carefully select the color of the decor. Universal white shades fit into any interior and visually do not

How to glue a natural wallpaper grasscloth

Manufactured from jute, cane, sisal, bamboo and other plants, Grasscloth wallpaper is an environmentally friendly product that brings to the house a piece of fresh natural environment and has a natural, soothing effect on the environment. The

Canopies from polycarbonate in the courtyard of a private

Polymer glass, also called polycarbonate, is a very popular building material used to create lightweight roof structures of small and large size. Modern polycarbonate awnings in the courtyard of a private house are easy to install and are an

Examples of decorative stone decoration of the hallway,

In the construction market, you can find many kinds of decorative stone. This finishing material mimics the texture and shape of its natural counterpart, and also has a number of advantages over it. The popularity of an artificial product is due to

Drawings on the walls in the interior +75 photo

Decorate the interior, make it unique can be through artistic painting on the walls. Thus, the exclusive design of the room, which creates a beautiful, cozy and unique atmosphere. Technician drawing drawings on walls or ceilings a lot. For this work,

Parquet board in the interior

The appearance of a parquet board in the interior we owe to a certain Gustav Cher. Still his grandfather, who lived in the Swedish forests, had a weakness for this material and made doors from it. The family business inherited into the hands of
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