Repair and finishing materials

Inscriptions on the walls in a modern interior

Words have great power. They soothe, motivate, please and upset. No wonder it says: "A good word is like moisture in the desert, a bad word like a thrown stone." Designers have long appreciated the power of this tool and successfully use it in their

Painting the walls in the apartment +60 photo examples in

The decoration of the walls is an obligatory stage in the design of the room. Today we will consider in detail the option of decorating the wall - painting. It is a popular and popular way to update and diversify the interior. To make the interior

Black wallpapers in the interior +75 photo ideas

Correctly selected black wallpaper in the interior of any room of the house will look appropriate and stylish. The main requirement for the use of such materials is a detailed consideration of options and making useful adjustments to the appropriate

Sliding doors to the kitchen: 28 photos of unusual options

Sliding doors to the kitchen are ideal for modern apartments. They are designed to both save space, and to give the interior a special beauty and uniqueness. A small area of ​​the interior is an actual problem for many people. Therefore, designers

Photo wallpapers 3d for walls - 60 photos of interesting

In the twenty-first century, interior designers learned to really brightly and unusually decorate the room. Wall-paper 3D for walls is a direct proof of that. You just look at the bright picture on such wallpaper: it seems that the image on it comes

Wood wallpapers: types, advantages and disadvantages +50

Now unobtrusive luxury has become fashionable. It is not conspicuous, but it certainly speaks about the status of the owners of the house. To achieve this effect, you do not need to spend a lot of money on repairs, you can get by with a minimum. Even

Design of a floor +155 photos in an interior of an apartment

Floor coverings differ in their properties and appearance, they are suitable for certain operating conditions. The choice of material depends on comfort, safety, order in the room. The successful design of the floor emphasizes the style solution,

Digital methods of printing wallpaper for walls

The production of any digital wallpaper always begins with the processing of a digital image. It can be a drawing, a photograph, a graphically executed design, any scanned document or a combination thereof, which are prepared for printing using

Liquid wallpapers in the interior + 45 photo examples

Recently, the market of finishing materials offers an innovation that combines the properties of the elegant tradition of the usual paper wallpaper, the ease of using decorative plaster and the practicality of paintwork. All these qualities make an

Decorative panels for interior decoration of walls

1 Due to their excellent performance characteristics, decorative panels have become extremely popular in the construction market. They allow you to do without the need to level the wall planes, while hiding all the shortcomings and communications.
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