Repair and finishing materials

All about non-woven wallpaper

Despite the fact that non-woven wallpaper appeared on the market more than 5 years ago, they are still being asked a lot of questions: What is this material non-woven? Is it possible to consider such wallpapers environmentally friendly? How to

Kinds of commercial wallpaper

Commercial wallpaper is made especially for decorating walls in office buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals and other institutions. The production of wall coverings intended to serve in rather difficult conditions is carried out with the expectation

Decorative stone on the wall: types and instructions

The stone in the interior decoration always looks good, solid. It can be natural and artificial. Use decorative stone on the wall is possible in any place - for exterior, interior decoration, in various residential, non-residential premises,

Wallpaper "city" in the interior: works of art on the walls

Photo wallpapers with city views turn an ordinary room into a work of art. The room acquires a unique chic and becomes a place of attraction for guests and household members. Not surprising. After all, their eyes open spectacular spectacle. Kinds of

White walls in the interior +75 photo

White walls in the interior - the leading trend of many modern styles, and a great opportunity to translate any ideas and use a variety of decor. The white color has a mass of semitones, which you can play in the interior. He will have to court in

Wall design - modern design ideas

Repair in the apartment is an open space for self-expression and creativity. First and foremost, it is the decoration that forms the general appearance of the room, being a kind of base for an integral image. The walls are not only a functional

Environmentally friendly wallpaper for the bedroom and not

Considering the pace with which the natural resources of our planet are depleted, and some even disappear altogether, every day it becomes more important to preserve what we have and make the best choice when purchasing goods for everyday life.

How to choose doors for a built-in wardrobe compartment (+20

The doors for the built-in closet cabinet are the "face", and their choice should be approached carefully. Depending on the interior and location of the cabinet is selected and their appearance. There are a large number of door models for the

Artificial stone in the interior - 50 photos of ideas

Wood, stone, brick, clay are traditional materials for the erection of residential buildings. Moving from the exterior to the interior, they are also used for interior decoration of premises. Thanks to the development of technological processes,

Beautiful fences for a private house - 30 photos with advice

Fences for a private house have long ceased to perform only the role of fencing the site. Today much attention is paid to its aesthetic indicators, and the fence is often an integral part of the landscape design of the site of a court. It is worth
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