Repair and finishing materials

Decorative plaster of bark beetle - 50 photos of interior

Decorative plastering bark beetle is rightfully one of the leading places among finishing finishing materials lately. And this is justified, since the bark beetle is very practical, relatively inexpensive and at the same time universal. Today we will

Fashion wall-paper: design trends and 25 photos of 2016

New wallpapers - a new kind of your room. Fashionable wallpaper for the walls of 2016 offer to add to the interior mystery, character and a portion of bright colors. Among the popular drawings today, ethnic motifs, updated classic and natural

Choose doors for the kitchen: 22 photos of stylish solutions

Many people have a question, what door to put in the kitchen. Today, there are so many different models that the eyes just run away in search of the best. I want the kitchen doors to be quality, durable, and at the same time beautifully fit in the

Kitchen wallpapers: 50 photos in modern style

In this article, we collected 50 new photos of kitchens of 2018, made in different styles and color combinations with the use of washable wallpaper for walls. Here you will see the best examples of how the wallpaper in the kitchen can be used as an

Design of a ceiling in a bedroom +70 photos of design ideas

A cozy, comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom depends only on the owner, which design he chooses, which materials he uses. Each part of the room is interconnected, so it should look organically. A special attitude to yourself requires a ceiling

Venetian stucco photo with 44 options for improving housing

Do you want your apartment or house to look not only stylish and original, but also luxurious? Do you think with what you can give your home a rich and chic look? Then we invite you to pay attention to this article, in which we will tell you how to

Wall-papers for a brick +75 photo in an interior

Brick used in construction even in the days of Ancient Egypt. The material was little like modern analogues. From the clay, which fell into the clod, shaped blocks of approximately the same size were formed. First, a raw brick was used, which was

Decorative plaster in the interior

Decoration of rooms with plaster - the trend of interior decoration of the last decades. From the material to adjust the walls (starting preparation for painting / gluing), this method of decoration has turned into the final finishing option.

Application of wallpaper with a damask pattern in the

Modern damask wallpapers in the interior are a real design trend. The fashion on them not only does not decrease with the years, but also continuously increases.         In the Middle Ages, Damascus became extremely popular in Italy and France.

Preparation of walls for wallpapering. why priming

There is an empirical rule - before wallpapering, the wall must be clean, dry, smooth and absorbent. Most wallpaper manufacturers warn their customers that their products will look nice and hold on long Only with high-quality priming of walls. If
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