Repair and finishing materials

White doors in the interior + 75 photo design ideas

Interior doors play an important role in the interior of the premises. They should have an aesthetic appearance and high technical characteristics. products covered with enamel;veneered;laminated.         Products covered with enamel are considered

Floors in a private house - types of floors and how to make

In the process of developing a construction project, one way or another, the question arises that there is no single answer, what should be the floors in a private house. It can be wooden, concrete, bulk, combined and other structures that have their

Decorative brickwork

The qualitative laying of decorative bricks in rooms and non-residential premises of an apartment or a private house is able to supplement any stylistic design. The owners can choose for use as materials used for facade cladding, as well as

Arrangement of spotlights on a tension ceiling (photos and

Do you want to give the interior a mystery and a certain highlight with the help of playing light on the ceiling? For this purpose the spotlights are the best! With their help, you can also highlight different functional areas and emphasize the

Design of walls from plasterboard +40 photo

The plasterboard walls are often used for interior decoration. This allows you to easily level the surface, without applying plaster. Gypsum boards (GKL) have a smooth front side, which is completely ready for application of finishing coatings,

Stretch ceiling in the bedroom - an overview of modern

If you started repairs in your favorite bedroom, then in the process of finishing works, you should pay special attention to the ceiling, which often stops looking at yourself. Stretched ceiling in the bedroom - a good choice, which will avoid a long

Modern design of the walls in the apartment

The initial stage of any repair includes the decoration of the "box" of the room: walls, ceiling and floor. Only after carrying out these works in the room you can arrange furniture and decor. The design of the walls in the apartment is represented

Photo wallpapers in the interior - 50 examples

Only a few dozen years ago photo wallpapers were associated with dilapidation and cheapness. In fact, they were a thin paper with a pattern that quickly faded, fell off and came to complete disrepair. However, today they have become one of the most

Decorative ceilings: types and ways of decoration

Although simplicity is considered the highest stage of beauty, at times we want to make spectacular and picturesque nuances in the interior. Decorative ceilings are one of the ways to make your home uncommon and delightful. The main thing is to

Selecting a parquet for the interior

The floor of natural wood is love at first sight. Tender, tremulous, real. Only for life. Having made a trial parquet covering of one room, thoughts about reorganization of other premises of the house will firmly occupy the head. Because the parquet
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