Repair and finishing materials

Wooden ceiling in the interior +75 photo

The wooden ceiling in the interior is an actual and stylish solution. The wood is easy to process, which makes it possible to implement any unusual design ideas. The ceiling covering from a tree can be deliberately simple and even rude, and can amaze

Decorative plaster in the kitchen: a variety of types and

Decorative plaster in the kitchen today is much more often already orderly podnadoevshih wallpaper. And this has its justification - the best indicators in aesthetic and practical aspects. The kitchen is one of the main premises in the apartment, it

Sliding doors for the dressing room: beautiful and

To ensure that the dressing room fits perfectly into the design of the room in which it is located, it is important to choose the right door for it. Sliding doors for the dressing room is a modern and stylish solution that allows not only to

Interior glass doors - style and functionality in one bottle

When planning the interior of the house, one of the important points is the choice of doors designed to separate rooms. Classic and years of proven option from the tree slowly goes out of fashion, because technology is not standing still. Inside

Door opening without a door

Any house is equipped with entrance blind doors, they are installed only to protect the house from uninvited guests, and interroom. By design, the latter can be sliding, swinging, cassette, folding and pendulum. The main function of interior doors is

3d panels for walls in the interior - 45 photo examples

Volumetric panels can not be called something new in the construction market. In gypsum performance, they have been used for a very long time. Another thing is that modern materials and manufacturing techniques have made them much more interesting,

Decorative putty: types and methods of application

A wide range of building materials allows you to get a truly unique design of the room. Decorative putty - this is one of the most popular types of decor. Ease of care, aesthetic appearance, environmental safety have made it a worthy alternative to

Examples of finishing doorways with decorative stone

Until recently, the decoration of doorways with decorative stone was used in restaurants and cafes. Today this solution is widely used in residential interiors. The use of this beautiful material helps create a romantic atmosphere or bring a note of

White floor in the interior

Do you think that white floors are impractical? Really. Caring for light surfaces is more difficult than for dark ones, besides, they quickly become worthless. Can a sane person dare to do this? But as you know, common sense is the worst enemy of

Bas-relief images in the interior of the apartment

The relief is a special sculptural technique, when the composition is created only partially as a three-dimensional image on a plane. It is considered a separate subset of art. About where the terrain was first applied, the data was not preserved. It
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