Zoning bedrooms - 70 photos of ideas from designers

Having a small bedroom, people try to maximize the functionality of the room, using the method of zoning. This process is the main stage in the arrangement of the apartment. Zoning is a good way to divide space into several parts.

Room for a teenage girl - ideas for design (20 photos)

Your child has grown, it's time to turn a pink baby little princess into a cozy room for a teenage girl. The adolescent period is a difficult stage, a serious physiological restructuring of the organism takes place, psychological stability is slowly

Characteristic features of the bedroom in the rustic style

The bedroom in the rustic style is an unassuming comfort and modest beauty. In such a bedroom will look good lace curtains, quilts, board walls and floors, leather, wrought iron lamps. To achieve the desired effect, it is not necessary to buy old

Design of a bedroom in a classical style - photo ideas of an

The design of a classic bedroom is a delicate matter, this article will be devoted to this topic. Our house is our fortress. A place on Earth where you feel most protected. It is always light, warm and comfortable. By right, the most cozy of the

Design of a narrow and long corridor

The corridor is the first thing that guests see when they enter the apartment. Its appearance completely determines the impression of housing. But the hall in the high-rise buildings rarely has a large space. Owners have to balance on such a boundary

Features of modern hallway design (59 interior ideas)

The entrance hall is the visiting card of the apartment. And as the theater begins with a hanger, acquaintance with the house begins with it. The modern design of the hallway creates a certain mood from the threshold and presents guests not only the

Interior of a children's room for two children - 74 photos

Many will be interested to learn how to decorate the interior of a children's room for two children. It is important to know a lot of nuances in order to make the room practical, safe and cozy. In addition, it is important to listen to the opinion of

What should be the modular bedroom furniture? (60 photos)

Recently, more and more people prefer that they had exactly modular bedroom furniture, rather than a cabinet one. After all, the advantages of modular furniture in its practicality, ease of use and, of course, in comfort. A bedroom is almost the main

Interior design of a children's room for two girls

Parents consider: children are flowers of life, the main treasure. Having two treasures means more fun. The son or the daughter, it is not important, the main thing health, education. The task is laid in the fact that with the maximum comfort to

Dark bedroom - photo of interesting bedroom design ideas in

To the design of their own apartments, people come up with a special responsibility. Because the chosen solution will persist for years to come. An improperly chosen interior will make your eyes look awkward until next repair. The sleeping room is
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