Design of the hallway and interior corridor in a small area

In any apartment or house, the hallway serves as a "passage" room. This is also the "face" of the apartment, according to which guests can judge the nature and tastes of the owners, and its most important "transport" node. By standard planning, all

Corridor design - finishes and photos

The design of the room has an effect on the tenants, which is why it is important to create a special atmosphere of coziness. It is desirable to distribute the place with practical benefits, especially if it comes to the hallway. Correct design of a

Furniture for a child's room for a boy - 30 beautiful photos

Providing comfortable living conditions for a child is one of the main tasks for parents. Successfully selected furniture for a child's room for a boy can make a home so cozy and attractive that the child does not want to leave it. Such a room is

Bedroom for a teenager

Adolescence is considered the most difficult stage in the process of becoming a person. Even yesterday's child begins to look for himself, sometimes to challenge the parental authority and to re-evaluate values. At the forefront of communication with

Wallpaper in the interior of the hallway +75 photo

The entrance hall is small, no one here usually linger, therefore it is made out on a residual principle. But the view that choosing wallpaper for the hallway is easy, wrong. According to the degree of moisture resistance, the wallpaper is divided

Decor bedroom - 70 photos of examples of unusual design

A room where many are relaxed, often takes on some other functions. To one master the bedroom decor in the morning gives a charge of vivacity with bright colors, pretentiousness, another pacifies, disposes to sleep. The room always embodies different

Bedroom interior in modern style

The bedroom is considered the heart of an apartment or a house, because it does not only function as a place for rest, but often serves as a dressing room, a study. The design of the bedroom in a modern style will help to arrange a cozy place to

Cabinet in the house - 30 photos of beautiful and stylish

For a modern person whose work is related to intellectual activity, whether as an engineer, programmer or writer, it is very important to have a cozy and quiet place where you can work without being distracted by extraneous stimuli. The personal

Curtains for the bedroom - photos of the best new products

Bedroom - a room for cultural pastime. On it you need to focus. The design of the curtains of the room must be harmonious in the interior. For curtains, you need to make a selection of materials with dusky colors. It also has a dependence on the

Hallway in loft style

The first impression of housing each person receives, crossing his threshold. That's why modern households are trying to choose non-standard directions for the design of the halls. Very interesting can be considered the design of the hallway in the
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