Bedroom design 15 sq.m. m

A bedroom is a room created for rest, night, daytime sleep. Here, a person spends at least a third of life. When the room is quite spacious, there are places for dressing, cosmetic procedures, hobby, work at the computer. How best to design a bedroom

Interior of the children's room: 70 photos with samples of

Loving parents want for their child all the best, beautiful, quality. Planning the interior of the children's room, moms and dads often embody their unrealized dreams from childhood. How to arrange a room for a baby, so that he was comfortable? Our

The interior of the children's loft style (50 unusual design

Children's loft style looks very bright and modern. Such a room will be ideal for a child, especially a teenager, striving for freedom and self-expression. About how to design a room in this style, we'll tell you below. The room for the boy-teenager

Features of children's rooms in the style of high-tech (60

Now children's rooms in the style of high-tech are very popular among parents and children of different ages. Nevertheless, many psychologists oppose this design in a house where there is a child. Is this style harmful to the child's psyche?

Spectacular children's scandinavian style (50 beautiful

Simple and reliable furniture, natural shades and laconic forms - it's childish in Scandinavian style. The Scandinavian style itself does not leave anyone indifferent. From the very name of the style it is clear that he comes from the cold northern

The combination of colors in the interior of the bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most dominant premises in the house, for it is in this room that a person spends a lion's share of free time and replenishes his strength after a busy day. Therefore, the combination of colors in the interior of the bedroom

Bedroom decor - photos of the new year 2017

What - to make the interior decor of the bedroom beautiful and cozy, but at the same time stylish, does not need much time and expense. Your room will have an individuality, if it's right to approach the design.

Design of a bedroom in the style of high-tech +75 photo

The design of the bedroom in the style of high-tech is a modern, elegant decoration design. The name of the direction was formed as a reduction from the merger of English "higt stile" (high style) and "technology" (technology). The hi-tech is

Design a small corridor in the apartment - interior photo

The interior of the apartment is arranged in a suitable design. The corridor is an integral part of this process. Its size implies a special approach. The design of the small corridor has its own rules of arrangement. It is necessary to use space

Children's room in the attic +50 photo of the interior and

Attic - mysterious and unusually attractive place in the house, a real children's area. And, maybe, to convert a not very convenient and irrationally used room into a cozy gaming. Children's room in the attic will be very useful: the kids will feel
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