Design of a room for a teenager - a boy (+35 photos)

The adolescent period is characterized by complex perturbations of the person's personality. He almost for the first time truly realizes his individuality, begins to demand more freedom. All parent installations are questioned and revised. In order

Design of an entrance hall in an apartment of a panel house

The standard design of the hallway in an apartment in a panel house has its limitations. Most hallways in panel houses are designed in the same style, so it's rather difficult to do something unusual there. But even based on the standard layout, you

Bedroom design 14 sq. m. m - 45 photo examples of the

The bedroom in our life occupies a special place: here we relax, relax, restore strength after a day's work. An indispensable condition for the organization of the interior is comfort, homeliness, tranquility. Also, any owner wants to be surrounded

Interior of the guest room

The guest room is a separate room, which is reserved especially for guests who have stayed for a while. The main goal of its arrangement is the desire of the owners to create the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay of relatives who decided to

What does the art deco look like? (65 photos of the bohemian

First of all, the hallway in the Art Deco style is distinguished by the rigor of geometric lines and the richness of glossy surfaces. This hallway gives the impression of a luxurious boudoir. First appeared in France in 1925 and became popular in the

Design of an entrance hall in khrushchev +40 photos of

Small hallways can be of different configurations, but they are united by one: they are extremely crowded. Modern solutions will make it possible to transform the main place in the house, to challenge the uncomfortable area. Harmonious interior of

Bedroom in a luxurious style of art deco (64 elegant ideas)

Bedroom in the Art Deco style combines various directions, creating at the same time harmonious combinations of all elements. Should be used expensive materials, quality finishes and furniture. After all, the main features of art deco - it's a

Design of the hallway - 30 interior design ideas

These rooms in the arrangement of the house is given not so much time as the rest of the rooms. However, if you ignore the interior of the hallway in the apartment, then he can reduce all the design work to naught. It will just be out of the general

Bedroom design 10 sq.m. m - interior for a small area

If it is assumed that a room for sleeping and rest will have a small area, this is no reason to despair. Special interior solutions will make it possible to make a bedroom design 10 sq.m. m exactly as he dreams. It is worth to learn the latest

Variants of the design of a children's room for a boy and a

Stylish design of a children's room for a boy and a girl will make the room cozy and, of course, beautiful. However, it must be remembered that it is possible to place children of different sex in one room when they are only several years different
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