The stately apartment maranhão apartment in são paulo is a

The old apartment for a large family in Sao Paulo, Brazil, went to the owner by inheritance. A complex layout and an abundance of partitions made it look like a student hostel. Before the talented collective FC Studio the customer was tasked to

Just like in manhattan - the original design loft apartment

The apartment presented here is 40 square meters. m is located on the site of the former manufactory. This is an area where once production premises have been converted to housing for young people. In the attic, even though it is small, there is

It's such a wonderful and sunny day - a project of a

We present to your attention a positive interior design project from PUJO.RS. The interior, which is presented in this project, is charged with a huge amount of positive energy. The authors of the project - Biljana Turanjanin Pujo and her assistant

The combination of shades of yellow in the interior revived

The combination of yellow in the interior with neutral shades and laconic outlines The combination of yellow in the interior with more calm, neutral shades invariably forms a feeling of joy and abundance of sunlight. The apartment becomes warm and

Original ideas for designing a studio apartment in a small

The small interiors look originally designed as studios. The common space provides great opportunities for fantasy and experimentation. The studio is located in New York in the Manhattan area and has an area of ​​45 square meters. To save space,

A small apartment with a mediterranean touch - an original

An antique lamp and an unusual tile Do you agree that an apartment, designed independently, is the embodiment of all the ideas and desires of the owner? Starting to repair their home, the owners decided to eliminate the annoying beige and brown

Interior of a small apartment in scandinavian style,

Exquisite decoration of an apartment in Scandinavian style In these Swedish apartments, beauty and grace are hidden in small details and interior items, selected by owners and designers with taste, as well as in a well-designed system of

Exquisite design of micro-apartments in the loft style,

Let's talk today, how can you save space in your tiny apartment with the mind. We offer to consider the excellent apartments that were developed by Spect Harpman Architects. They are on the Manhattan's Upper West Side, on 73rd Street, the United

Interior of a small two-level apartment from david kohn

Interior of a small two-level apartment in Barcelona Designers of the studio David Kohn Architects have done an amazing job designing the interior of a small two-level apartment and changing it beyond recognition. The apartment is in a triangular

When the size is not important: the beautiful interior of a

Beautiful interior of a small apartment, in which the slate is combined with cozy sofas and white bricks This one-room apartment loses many others in size, but certainly not in attractiveness. The interior, created by Russian designers Alexandra
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