Advantageous and convenient layout - revolutionary design

Quite often, many designers are faced with the problem of zoning a small area. And if also the layout is non-standard, it is generally an insoluble task. In addition, small apartments are not equipped with panoramic windows, so immediately the

Small apartment in montmartre - high-grade housing only 25

This apartment in the Parisian area has an area of ​​only 25 square meters, which, however, have been turned by the designer into dignity. Here you can live together and enjoy this process. Separate bathroom, pantry, kitchenette and living room -

An accentuated peasant primitive and stylish minimalism in

The famous design firm Estudoquarto_studiostanza in 2009 implemented in Brescia, Italy, a conceptual project "e + m 53". The pronounced composition "Open Space" serves as a guarantee of complete confidentiality. On a small area of ​​53 m2 the

Vintage style in a cozy 2-room apartment - a harmonious

Surprisingly cozy Swedish apartment with an area of ​​only 58 squares is located in the beautiful picturesque town of Malmö. The interior is simply oversaturated with magnificent decorative elements. The most vivid and unusual place here is the

Design of a standard one-room apartment of 38 sq m

To decorate the interior of a room apartment, fit everything it needs and do not "overload", the task is not simple, but it is quite possible. The average area of ​​a one-room apartment is 37-38 sq.m. m. offers a wide variety of layout and design.

How to create a cosiness in a small apartment - several

Probably, many inhabitants live in small apartments and dream of changing their housing for the better. This can be done even when there are ready small interiors, gradually changing those or other features of the premises. Modern designers are

Spectacular apartments on 34 square meters - stylish work by

This modest housing in Gdansk with a total footprint of 34 square meters. m., can easily satisfy the need of not only one owner, but also the newlyweds. Designers have developed an original and multifunctional design. Due to the exclusion of

The rural style and romance of a rural house in the center

Many residents of megacities dream of a cozy house in the forest, but are not ready to change their way of life so drastically and leave the full amenities of the city. Creating a romantic atmosphere of rural dwellings in your own small apartment is

Bohemian stylistics in scandinavian design - an impressive

Warm and cozy atmosphere in the apartment is amazing Today we will introduce you to the marvelous decoration of the apartments, sustained in the Scandinavian style with vintage elements and details of aristocratic gloss. It is located in a

Easy tread of scandinavian design - cozy interior of a small

Many of us are firmly convinced that it is simply impossible to organize comfortable living conditions in a small apartment in a rectangular elongated form. This design project apartment studio area of ​​25 square meters will convince the contrary,
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