An example of a stunning interior design of an apartment

Your attention is a very unusual interior design, which can move. Russian designer Vlad Mishin created a truly unique interior. He created a living space with a total area of ​​60 m2, which at the will of its owner in a few seconds turns into an

High ambitions and excellent taste - these are the main

Brandan Crane for a long time was looking for a completely suitable house for himself. But visiting each apartment sold after one another, he was more and more disappointed every time. Some were boring and uninteresting, while others were sky-high

Master class for young owners "odnushki": several simple

Unfortunately, for us, the problem of many small apartments, especially odnushek, is still vital for the rational use of the space available in them. Some tips from designers come to the rescue. As a rule, the only room used by the host or hostess

Studio of the week: coziness on 16 square meters

If you live in tiny housing, then you are well aware that such constrained and modest premises are remarkably inspiring. Rational layout of the room can be an important aspect of decoration. Undoubtedly, similar views were guided by the owners of

Elegant scandinavian interior - a reasonable compromise

This apartment is in a house that is already more than 114 years old. Its area is only 65 meters square. The owners have: two bedrooms, a bathroom and a living room, combined with a kitchen. The abundant use of pure white color visually increases

Stunning interior of a small apartment - 40 square meters in

This article will be interesting to owners of a living area with a small quadrature. Here you will find practical and functional solutions to many problems associated with the design of small-size. The main advice from designers for such premises is

A small eclectic apartment in london - a virtuoso game with

Vertical mirror and two stunning guitars Those who want to create their own unique style from several directions, it will be useful to read this article. We offer a look at the example of the design of one small London apartment and inspire

A wonderful idea for small interiors - an elegant color

As the theater begins with a hanger, this apartment starts with a chandelier. Dispersing soft light delicate "sun" allows you to consider in detail what this beauty is made of. At first glance, hardly anyone would think that the area of ​​the

What can a designer do for himself on 40 m2 - a stylish

For visitors to our portal, we have prepared an extraordinarily fascinating story about the master of graphic decoration Thomaz Rezende, which takes a direct part in the installation of famous foreign series. His apartments belonged to his former

Cozy minimalism behind the glass - stunning interior of a

In today's conversation, we would like to draw the attention of visitors to one unique design work. Artem Babayants, an architect with experience, rather unusual approached the issue of redevelopment of a one-room apartment in the residential
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