A cozy place for the whole family - we will organize the

Today we will talk about the case when the problems of housing arrangements have an additional burden associated with the prohibition of redevelopment. The inconvenience is connected with the fact that the apartment is bought on credit, this, in

A small two-level apartment: actual ideas of organizing

The small two-level apartment that we offer you to visit today does not at all seem close. On the lower level there is a cozy living room and kitchen, between which there is no partition. To separate these zones, only visual effects are used. The

The real london looking glass is a unique design project of

Who just did not try to nicely equip small apartments? This time, the design studio Intarya took up the job, which chose a room of 59 sq.m. in the capital of Britain. The secret of this apartment is in a large mirror, located between the bedroom and

Stylish through the looking glass - a virtuoso game with the

Modern technologies allow you to create a unique interior design and an endless variety of options. In Beijing, created an apartment for families with children in the original combination of different styles and with the use of new ideas. The

Watercolor design of a small apartment

Lovely design of a small apartment Studio Oink have developed a unique design for a small apartment dedicated exclusively to the soft play of light. The peculiarity of this interior is that the light plays a special role here: it emphasizes and

Excellent small apartment, equipped in scandinavian style

Today, women dominate in many areas of activity. Therefore, the abundance of bright and prosperous young ladies no one surprises, and the question of reorganizing the design of their small apartments is gaining more and more momentum. Scandinavian

Author's studio of denis vakhrameev - a clot of minimalist

Today we decided to tell you about one more creative person and his interesting apartment. Denis Vakhrameev Creative Director Fild. His stunning studio apartment is located in Kiev, Ukraine. The project turned the attic at home in 1981 into a

A real example of how you can successfully fill the

It is known that so popular nowadays Scandinavian design based on comfortable, practical solutions, expressed in the lightest shades. And if the shining whiteness is good for old houses, then in modern new buildings it seems faceless. There are too

Scandinavian one-bedroom apartment exudes a taste for a

For our esteemed readers, we again publish the most interesting and attractive information about the incredible home decor and variants of re-planning of space, which impress the imagination with their creative and charming creative idea. In today's

A very small apartment for a bachelor fully meets modest

Spanish photographer Christian Schallert has transformed a very small apartment in a modern and functional space. It is located on the top floor of the building. Did you notice the first photo? Can you imagine that there is everything you need for
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