Kitchen, living room, bedroom dining in a tiny studio

Designers from Sweden could place on 22 square meters a functional kitchen, a living room, a place for sleeping and a dining room for three people. The bed was successfully placed on the second floor, which helped to free up about three meters and

Design studio 25 square. m. - 30 interior ideas

Increasingly popular among affordable housing options are apartment-studios. Having an advantage at first glance only in the pricing policy, their acquisition opens an excellent opportunity to create an open space with a layout suitable for your

How to zoned a standard one-room apartment ip-46s for a

An apartment with one room is the most popular and democratic type of housing, especially for young people. But what about when a family appears in the family? How to realize a cozy atmosphere for everyone? Today we will tell you about the

Smart layout of the small parisian studio apartment spectral

The BETILLON / DORVAL-BORY architectural bureau reconstructed a small studio apartment in Paris. The emphasis was on lighting. Specialists managed to turn modest private apartments with a total area of ​​20 square meters. meters in a surprisingly

Modern stunning design of a small apartment

The quaint modern design of a small apartment is a shelter of inspiration A special modern design for a small apartment is in Prague. This "dancer's dwelling" is located in the middle of the fashionable quarter of Letna. A dynamic perspective

Magnificent apartment design in loft style

The apartment is a small area of ​​37 square meters - one-bedroom and absolutely did not represent an opportunity to expand the space, using additional premises. Therefore, there were some difficulties in creating a new design project.  As a result,

What can be the interior of the studio apartment? 5

Interior studio apartments: inspirational design examples Interior studio apartments are not the most convenient space for implementing design ideas, especially when it comes to compact options. Of course, in such cases, the simplest solution is to

Soothing harmony of light interiors - a cool scandinavian

We would like to introduce you to the work of the Singapore studio KNO Associates. They were able to create a modern interior design of only 55 square meters. A successful lady, the owner of this one-bedroom apartment, located in the heart of the

Multifunctional studio 39 sq.m from creative team catalin

What do you think, how many things can be placed on an area of ​​just under 40 square meters? Many, probably, think that only a bed, a table and chairs will fit, and also there is a place for hinged and floor cabinets. Designers from America offer

We decorate an apartment-studio quickly and with taste:

Well-thought-out layout To date, the so-called one-room studio apartments are gaining popularity all over the world. This is primarily due to the availability of this budget housing. If you, dear readers, have become happy owners of studios, the
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