Interesting interior of a small apartment: a photo of the

The interior of the small apartment, photo of which was made in Singapore, can be called a vivid example of the ideal organization of a compact space. It looks very simple and light, not overloaded with unnecessary details, but at the same time

An interesting solution for an apartment measuring 12 square

Quite often our readers participate in discussions of interiors for small rooms. However, below is housing, which is fully fit on 12 square meters. In our country, such apartments are called gostinnky, considering them the worst possible option. But

A breathtaking interior in a scandinavian style loft

Small interiors created by these creators fascinate with their beauty and functionality of space. A great architect and teacher, a leading specialist in the postmodern design, Charles Moore worked on his projects in a close studio on the top floor

A great solution from sergi pons for narrow, long rooms, for

The apartment is located in Les Corts - the business and financial center of Barcelona. Despite such modern significance, the area has a long history and is built up with fairly old buildings. In particular, the reconstructed premise is located in

Original design of a modest studio from designer nikita zub,

A tiny apartment provides wonderful opportunities for experiments, rational zoning and creating unique decorations. You are faced with the problem of decorating small interior? Today we will tell you about effective methods of optimal arrangement of

Unusual small apartment in a combination of modern and

Unusual small apartment Unusual small apartment в одном из городков Италии. После полной реконструкции она превратилась в современное элегантное жилье с неким старинным шармом. The architects from the Flussocreativo studio connected the main

Atypical decoration kopeck piece - the scandinavian style in

In our today's story it will be a question of a not quite typical Scandinavian style. As each of you can notice, it also has a snow-white background. Only it is much smaller than we are used to seeing. A few walls in general were covered with

The interior of a small studio is elongated

Restrained interior of a small studio The interior of a small studio puts forward special requirements for the placement of furniture. Extended space of a compact area is not the most suitable option for fantasy revelry, but in such cramped

A tranquil atmosphere of orderly coziness in a small

Guest room, having a rest We offer a look at the option of arranging a small apartment, which is located in Spain. It has an area of ​​41 m2, however, does not look small at all. Designers in the design of the rooms used a number of tricks, for

Classical entourage of scandinavian design in a single

The traditional color scale of Scandinavian design is largely determined by the desire of residents of northern countries to make the most of natural light. However, this trend does not completely exclude the possibility of using saturated shades in
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