Absolute minimalism - the best style for the arrangement of

This time, Forum-Grad visitors are invited to move to the city of New York, New York, the United States of America. Moving to New York, Willa Kammerer rented a small apartment. Only 28 meters, she managed to turn into a full-fledged housing, placing

Elegant apartment of a small area - a remarkable project

The most difficult for any experienced designer is to work on the interior in a small room. In this room, you need to fit not only all the essentials, but also leave the maximum amount of space. Pay attention to this apartment, which is located in a

To accommodate everything - a wonderful interior of a

Suppose you are a happy owner of an apartment with an area of ​​25 square meters. m., which has the form of a studio. And this is not an easy gloomy one-room dwelling. What happiness will you ask? And in that at your disposal there is a single solid

A brilliant example of a superbly equipped apartment of 20

Comfortable environment can be created not only with expensive furniture and luxury apartments. Specialists of the famous architectural bureau, with the help of mirrors and light colors, achieved incredible success on a couple of dozen squares. The

Miracle of engineering thought - a small apartment fun house

Although, by definition, all people are equal, but each of us has different opportunities. And with the apartments: there is a spacious apartment, and next to a small room. But this has long ceased to be a problem for modern designers. And the

Interior of a small studio: cosiness and comfort on 33

Interior of a small studio Megan and Christian were not upset when they saw how small the studio they had taken, and perceived the problem of decorating her interior as a challenge to her design skills. Despite the fact that the area of ​​the

Unreal design of a tiny apartment from czech architects

The design of a tiny apartment designed by the Czech company Freedomky is admirable in every respect. This is a small prefab house designed for one person. Its area is only 22 m². He is simply charming in style by functionality. A pair of glass

Stylish male interior with a bright charisma - the apartment

Concrete wall with elements of steel pipes Such a decoration of the space, no doubt, like the male half of the population. Steel elements, clear lines and additional accessories look very brutal. It is immediately evident that the woman did not put

Miracles of planning and the magic of design: the paradise

On the topic of original and interesting design in a one-room apartment is difficult to fantasize. Nevertheless, we are ready to give some useful tips on how to "get out" a maximum of useful space from a small room without leaving "dead" zones.

Luxury bachelor apartment in brooklyn - amazing work from

We invite our readers to visit the amazing bachelor apartment of Steve Burns' in Brooklyn. This residence, decorated in the studio style, with an area of ​​196 m2, was designed by the designer and architect Mesh Architecture. Everything in the house
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