Warm and compact interiors of very small apartments

The interiors of very small flats impress The interiors of very small apartments should be compact and cozy. The dwelling, which is decorated with light wood, will always seem warm and cozy. Correctly selected soft furniture and diffuse lighting only

The project of a small apartment in new york - an ideal

Two enterprising architects Michael Chen and Kari Anderson from Michael Chen Architecture PLLC have created a design for a small apartment project in New York. To say that it turned out well is not enough. Magnificent design in everything - in

The danish version of the small interior is a small

A classic trend that goes back several centuries. Ultramodern creativity trying to get out of acceptable boundaries. And refinement, possible only if the traditional values ​​are properly observed. From these components are gathered these apartments

Exquisite moscow apartment - 67 meters of cozy comfort and

For a couple of minutes we suggest you move to 67 square meters of Moscow apartment. However, the area does not have much importance, so we will immediately begin our acquaintance with the apartments. An integral element of the interior is a tree,

Stunning apartment with everything in it, stockholm, sweden

Light sofa with colorful yellow, gray and green pads Modest apartments are a wonderful base for searching new ideas in design, experiments and fantasy flight. The limited area challenges the owners of apartments, which tend to give them a more

Luxury and style - unique design of vip apartments in the

Architectural company Ando Studio has developed an apartment project in Dusseldorf, Germany. It was completed in 2014. The apartments are for VIP clients only. The room at the Israeli studio in the end turned out elegant, expensive, luxurious. In

An intriguing and mysterious scandinavian style in the

Elegant home To your attention, a perfect example of a competent approach to the arrangement of interior design of small housing. This apartment was modest and tiny, until experienced professionals took up its planning, which transformed the compact

A good example of combining kitchen and living room in a

A married couple from Scandinavia lives in an apartment with a small area. The feeling of free space creates a living room and kitchen, which are a continuation of each other, mostly due to the same finish. But, at the same time each room works as a

A remarkable project october field - a fashionable studio

October Field - this is the name of the original studio apartment in Moscow, with an area of ​​about 1100 square meters, which was designed taking into account the interests of living a young family. The new interior design is made in light and warm

Beautiful interior of a small apartment: originality and

Beautiful interior of a small apartment is unique due to original and effective design solutions Beautiful interior of a small apartment Cobble Hill in Brooklyn was designed by designers Co Adaptive Architecture. The room area of ​​62 square meters
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