Exquisite studio-cabinet for the writer-recluse - a stylish

All creative souls dream of a secluded study with an environment sufficient to gain the necessary sense of comfort. This is the case with the writer's studio - this is the creative insight of SMNG-A Architects designers in Lakeside, Michigan, USA.

Modern loft in the interior for two families

The mezzanine zone in the modern loft in the interior The demand for a modern loft in the interior gives rise to unparalleled projects. In densely populated urban areas, rent is very expensive. Therefore, people often live in the same room. Less

Natural motifs in the interior of a small apartment

Natural motifs in the interior of the apartment Maggie and Jose A pair of lovers will show us the natural motives in the interior of their apartment. When Maggie and Jose could no longer afford to pay high-priced apartment rentals in San Francisco,

How to create the perfect house for a bachelor - iconic

Visitors to our site will not deny the fact that the dwelling is one of the main spokesmen of their characters and personality. Therefore, when choosing accessories and decorative ornaments, one should be guided only by one's own taste. Let's try to

The design of the apartment is 70 square meters. m: advice

Residential area of ​​about 70 square meters. meters usually has two or three or four rooms, a large entrance hall, a kitchen. This is a fairly spacious apartment - there is where to sweep in terms of design, but for repairs, probably, a considerable

Glossy interior decoration of a small apartment - a tribute

Carefully designed interior of a small apartment surprisingly contributes to the expansion of a compact space The interior of a small apartment located in the Swedish city of Gothenburg combines the charm of architecture of the beginning of the

Room decoration 43 square meters. m with controlled

The originality of this project is that you can change the situation with the help of a game of light, which is controlled with the help of the iPad. At the touch of a button, you can easily move from the working environment to an atmosphere of

A small apartment with great prospects - modern

In Sweden, all standards are changing. Only kitchen customs do not seem unusual to us. The first associations when mentioning the country will be their high organization of life, sports style, caring for their kids and taking care of the

Ergonomic interior design of a small apartment

Modern designers are faced with such a problem as the small size of living quarters, in almost every second apartment. There are not enough places, but it is necessary to accommodate as many necessary things as possible. In addition, I want to leave

The perfect tandem of moderate minimalism and stylish

When it comes to a one-room apartment, immediately trigger stereotypes, that there is very little space. However, we offer to your attention a one-room apartment-studio in Odessa, Ukraine. The very bright hallway visually seems more spacious. A
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