Tiny apartments with panoramic glazing and terraces - a

What is a mini apartment? Modern urban planning and design define them as small areas from 22.6 to 32.7 square meters. m. This housing is cheaper, consumes less energy and is easier to maintain. How is it created? For an example, our site offers to

Stylish studio apartment 56 sq. m. m in moscow - an

The space that we picked up for the story, has a unique layout and exceptional exclusivity. It is located on 56 sq. Km. m. in the metropolitan housing complex "House on the Coastal." Unusual housing is based on the fact that a studio studio

The best interiors of apartments and houses in american

The best interiors of houses: a cozy apartment with a beautiful view Houston is a city of great proportions, and there are reasons for that. A striking plain landscape is combined with a thriving economy. And although Houston is still more profitable

Multi-purpose furniture in a minimalist design from the

Built-in multipurpose furniture is the ideal solution for studio apartments Multipurpose furniture, together with a carefully planned, thoughtful interior design will make the space of the studio or other small dwelling work for you and bring the

Style lurks in the details - spectacular design of a small

Today, we will tell you about the spectacular design of a city apartment for a young couple, on which the designers of DAOdecor worked. In 50 square meters of the apartment there is a compact area for sleeping and rest, a living room combined with a

Scandinavian design: a small stylish apartment in the heart

We propose to take a closer look at the stylish modern design of the apartment an area of ​​34 m2, located in Stockholm (Sweden), which clearly shows how you can turn a small dwelling into a cozy and comfortable nest with the help of non-standard,

Tiny apartment-dream area of ​​only 17.5 square - a unique

We continue the theme of arranging small apartments. The owners of tiny apartments always want their dwelling to be equipped with everything necessary and modern. But each of us has our own needs and preferences, which not everyone can like. Every

Design options for a one-room apartment with a niche - the

A common, as well as the most interesting option for creating a creative layout and design is a one-bedroom apartment with a niche. It would seem - a little square, the only room and niche, where you can fantasize? In reality, everything is not as it

The unique interior of a tiny apartment - a bold color

Apartment-crumbs In the Swedish city of Goteborg there is a unique apartment. It is surprisingly very small, its total area is only 23 square meters. With all its small dimensions, it is made in the traditional Scandinavian style. It uses a large

36 squares of eccentric-romantic space. moscow

Wishes of the customer Young successful businessman and sportsman. The task is to create a comfortable and free space, taking into account the individuality of the customer. The stylistic decision was unambiguous - loft. Remodeling In the
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