Fantastic apartment design in gray tones

We continue to review the amazing architectural and design objects found all over the world. This time we will get acquainted with the great master Eric Carlson, who developed the project with a luxurious design. It combines classic and modern

Maximum visibility is the basis for the idea of ​​an

The idea of ​​an interior for small apartments, photo N. Aubert-Maguéro The idea of ​​an interior for small apartments from the company MAEMA Architects has become a completely new planning solution in the studio apartment. Designers decided to make

Modern and functional interior of a small apartment.

Modern and functional interior of a small apartment. Examples in the photo - look! Standard apartments do not always please their owners with rooms of different purposes. Therefore it happens that the bedroom is a living room, and the kitchen shares

Cozy apartment in the attic - a great place for a couple

30 square meters for two - is it a lot or a little? This is enough for a comfortable life, quiet sleep and a pleasant stay. Today we will tell you about the unique interior of a small apartmentlocated in the attic of a tall house with beautiful

Old good rock and roll - stunning design of a two-room

Using a competent approach, you can give the chic and functionality of any apartment. However, the owner of a small two-room space of 45 square meters could not even imagine the stunning result that designers of the design company skillfully

Beautiful design sample with motives of scandinavia: a

Turn a shabby apartment into a model of modern interior and a paradise for a freelancer - that's what the Scandinavian style is capable of, which is the main weapon in the hands of a skilful designer. Several original solutions will help you to

Creative design of small apartments - 4 significant works by

This small apartment, with an area of ​​only 25 squares, is located in the French capital. It was designed by SWAN Architects. The designers managed to make the incredible. They could fit into the small apartment a bedroom, kitchen, living room and

To owners of small-sized interiors on a note: the refined

Fresh, refined aesthetics of this one-room studio apartment completely neutralizes the sense of tightness and crowded space. Exceptional whiteness of the walls serve as an excellent backdrop for demonstrating the virtues of modern furniture from

Elegant minimalism in the male interior of the studio

We bring to our readers' attention project designer Polynov, who developed interior of a small apartment, in his opinion, ideally suited for a bachelor. Very many dwellings in the multi-story old houses of Russia have a total area of ​​40-50 square

Design of a small apartment - interior ideas (photo)

When in private property there appears let small, but all the same the living space, before the owner at once the task on an accomplishment and correct optimization of space appears. Interior design of a small apartment is quite feasible to develop
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