Two-level apartments: a stylish and functional interior of

The organization of creative storage spaces is a whole art that allows you to hide things securely from prying eyes and at the same time keep them always at hand. Architects Raad Studio found the ideal rational solutions for the interior of the New

Interior design of a small apartment: four stunning options

Original interior design of a small apartment To design the interior of a small apartment and to think over all of its nuances is very difficult. Owners of residential premises with an area of ​​less than 30 square meters have to weigh three times

A colorful studio apartment with a bright, cheerful

We offer virtually to visit a wonderful studio apartment. It is visually divided into zones: a hall, a kitchen, a bedroom and a study. It has a lot of open space, flooded with daylight. A comfortable studio makes it possible to live in a small area

A cozy harbor for a bachelor - a stylish studio interior in

We often introduce our readers to overseas architectural solutions, so I'd like to present to you today the project of Russian masters realized in the capital of our homeland Moscow. The work of the design bureau, headed by its executive director,

Some advice on the organization of space in the studio

Demonstrated housing perfectly matches the modern idea of ​​a comfortable, beautiful and creative studio. We suggest that you understand exactly how you can achieve complete similarity. What is the main difference between a studio apartment and

25 square meters in new york: the secrets of the design of a

For you, there is interesting information on how to make a small apartment. And the famous designer Marcus Hay will help in this. A well-known decorator from Australia owns a tiny dwelling in Big Apple. As a supporter of simplicity and ease, he

How to make the original interior of a small apartment: a

Interior of a small apartment: built-in bar in an open-plan space Interior of a small apartment, the area of ​​which does not exceed 100 square meters. meters, creates the impression of an open, filled with light and surprisingly harmonious space.

45 examples of home office equipment - practical advice to

If you have a head around from the fact that the house has nowhere to sit down and deal with the cases, it's time to think about organizing a home office. We approach the solution of this problem with all responsibility, because even complex working

8 tips for housing for a bachelor - an interesting and

A modern bachelor's nest with a carpet, a low couch and a coffee table A collection of odorous, muddy socks hanging from a chandelier. Garbage falling from a crowded trash can. In the refrigerator hung a mouse, tired of a diet of ketchup and

The best variant of an apartment for a loved one is a

If you live alone without a family or even without a husband or wife, then the apartment from this example is the best option for you. There is not much space in it. However, this is just enough for a young creative lonely person who leads an active
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