A small swedish apartment - the competent use of exquisite

Welcome to the small, cozy, furnished Swedish apartment. Recently renovated, with a size of only 37.5 square meters, it is located in the city of Gothenburg and is a synthesis of two epochs. The original parquet, high ceilings and built-in wardrobe,

Stunning design of a small apartment from norm architects

Design a small apartment from Norm Architects This stunning bright design of a small apartment in Hallerup, Denmark, raised the white color in an environment to a whole new level. Elegant simple beauty seemed to spill over all corners of this house.

64 photos of successful interior design of a two-room

If you own a small apartment with two rooms and decided to radically change its appearance, you may need to think about redevelopment. Try to combine the living room and kitchen areas, equipping them with stylish and functional furniture and

Design of 2-room khrushchev - redevelopment and interior

Repair of small rooms in 2 room Khrushchev with one window and an inconveniently located door is a real test for imagination. Nevertheless, even a room in Khrushchev can become quite cozy. The main enemy of small rooms is disorder and conglomeration.

Modern studio apartment with live green walls - a unique

Meet today with the art studio SVOYA, which has developed a modern design studio apartment with green walls, which is located in Dnepropetrovsk (Ukraine). "We were fascinated and shocked by the unrivaled view of the Dnieper River from the windows of

Design of a two-level apartment +50 photo ideas

Two-level apartments, with spacious hallways and beautiful staircases, are gaining popularity every day. Such housing can easily and simply be divided into functional areas and designed in a certain style, without thinking about saving space.

Design studio apartments from hue d in singapore: bedroom,

The efforts of the HUE D team in the space of the Curtain apartments located in the capital of Singapore created an elegant and airy interior in a modern style. The apartment, recently acquired by the young couple, can not boast of large

Organization of a practical and cozy interior of a mini

Mini-apartment in the attic - comfort and compactness Here is an example of the interior of a mini apartment in the attic. Because of the white painted walls and windows on the ceiling and walls, you will feel that the room is very spacious. The

8 unique design options for studio apartments that have

Manhattan Apartments This apartment is located in the bustling New York neighborhood of the East Village. The house with a total area of ​​45 square meters is decorated in an unusual manner. So, for example, the bedroom was raised above the guest

Design an apartment with an open plan - feel the color of

This beautiful and modern apartment is located in a building built in the beginning of the century in Gothenburg, Sweden. The walls were whitewashed, the apartment has a very functional design and an open layout. The living room has large windows
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